The 3 Best Shoe Stretchers For Bunions


When you have bunions, overly-tight shoes can be a source of debilitating pain. That's why the best shoe stretchers for bunions are a must-have item to keep in your closet. The right shoe stretcher can make your existing shoes more comfortable by creating space in the width of the toe box, where bunion-sufferers really need it.

Before you buy, take note that shoe stretchers work best on suede and leather materials and are less effective at stretching synthetic shoe materials. Also as you shop for stretchers, consider the material it's made of. Metal and wood designs might cost a bit more upfront than plastic stretchers, but they're also more durable so you likely won't ever need to replace them.

Shoe stretchers also come in two varieties: two-way and one-way stretchers. While this may seem obvious, two-way stretchers can stretch your shoe lengthwise and widthwise, whereas a one-way stretcher will just be able to stretch the width of your shoe at the toe box. Since the best way to relieve bunion pain is to widen the toe box area of your shoes, either type of shoe stretcher will work for bunion-sufferers.

Keep in mind that, no matter the material, shoe stretchers take time to work. You'll need to keep them inside the shoes for at least 24 hours before you'd notice a difference.

To help you make up your mind, I've gathered up some of the best shoe stretchers for bunions on the market.