The 3 Best Shoes For HIIT


If you're going to go all in during a HIIT workout, you've got to have the right gear that can keep up with your workout. In fact, the best shoes for HIIT protect your feet and ankles so you can have a more effective (and less painful) workout.

The key is all in the sole. While most traditional running shoes feature a high heel filled with foam to cushion your feet, cross-training shoes are a way better fit for HIIT exercises because of the low heel and midsole. It may not seem like that big of a deal to use running shoes while you're doing jumping jacks and burpees, but running shoes are made to go in only one direction: forward. A good pair of cross-training shoes has the traction you need to move in multiple directions and a low heel that won't get in your way.

Of course, other factors matter, too. You'll want to consider your own unique foot anatomy in order to find shoes for HIIT that will make you feel as comfortable as possible — in other words, make sure to opt for wide or narrow sizes accordingly. It also doesn't hurt to find a style you love so you can feel and look great while you're crushing it at the gym.

Finding the best pair of HIIT shoes can definitely be tricky. Here's a round-up of some of the best options out there to help you narrow it down.