3 Supportive Sneakers That Can Stand Up To High-Intensity Workouts


If you're going to go all in during a HIIT workout, you've got to have the right gear that can keep up with your workout. In fact, the best shoes for HIIT protect your feet and ankles so you can have a more effective (and less painful) workout.

The key is all in the sole. While most traditional running shoes feature a high heel filled with foam to cushion your feet, cross-training shoes are a way better fit for HIIT exercises because of the low heel and midsole. It may not seem like that big of a deal to use running shoes while you're doing jumping jacks and burpees, but running shoes are made to go in only one direction: forward. A good pair of cross-training shoes has the traction you need to move in multiple directions and a low heel that won't get in your way.

Of course, other factors matter, too. You'll want to consider your own unique foot anatomy in order to find shoes for HIIT that will make you feel as comfortable as possible — in other words, make sure to opt for wide or narrow sizes accordingly. It also doesn't hurt to find a style you love so you can feel and look great while you're crushing it at the gym.

Finding the best pair of HIIT shoes can definitely be tricky. Here's a round-up of some of the best options out there to help you narrow it down.


The Best Shoes For HIIT: PUMA Women's Tazon 6 Cross-Trainer Shoe

These sleek cross-trainers by PUMA have more than 1,200 five-star Amazon reviews, and for good reason: They are truly supportive and comfortable. The upper is a combination of synthetic fibers and leather, which has just enough give to allow your foot to move as you bend and jump, but not so much that your foot slides around in the shoe. It also features a low heel that won't trip you up while still supporting you with foam cushioning. But the best part is the sole. The outer sole has plenty of grip at the front of the foot for tons of traction. And, the shank (this is an interior layer under the footbed) is made from thermoplastic polyurethane for extra durability and stability during a high-intensity workout. For about $50, these shoes are a total steal. Amazon reviewers tend to agree that these shoes are some of the best — just hang in there while you break them in.

What fans say: "If you haven't used cross trainers like these they might feel a bit odd at the beginning. The platform is very stable almost as if you can't roll your foot from side to side. But that is a huge benefit if like me your feet roll outward while walking. It's also a big benefit for cross training classes during which you make sudden side to side movements. These keep you firmly planted on the floor."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 5.5 - 11, regular and wide


The Runner-Up: Nike Women's Metcon 4 XD Training Shoe

Another fan-favorite, these eye-popping cross-trainers by Nike look great on and reviewers also insist they'll hold your feet in place while you work out, even through your toughest burpees. The rubber webbing along the low heel and midsole actually stretches around the upper to cradle your foot. And the upper itself is 3D-printed, which is a technique Nike uses to ensure consistent quality and durability across each shoe. On top of all that, the laces are designed with Nike's durable Flywire cables so you can count on them to stay tied.

What fans say: "I absolutely love these shoes. Great training shoe for just working out in the gym. Not really a running shoe. Super comfortable."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 5 - 12


The Best Splurge: NOBULL Women's Training Shoes

If you're willing to splurge, these versatile cross-trainers by NOBULL hit all the right marks. For one, the upper is made from their signature SuperFabric, which is breathable and nonabrasive. Even better: The upper is made from just one piece of fabric, so it's seam-free and won't cause any blisters even when the bridge of your foot frequently comes into contact with it during vertical movement or jumping. The sole is thin and flexible to allow for maximum movement, while the stiffer insole holds your foot so it won't slide in the shoe. Reviewers love these shoes for everything from weight-lifting to cardio classes.

What fans say: "My goal was to find a great shoe for my F45 classes that would provide the comfort and support I needed while getting back into shape. I found them, I won't buy anything else for HIIT classes!! I had never heard of NoBull, but all of my research kept leading me back to them."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 5 - 11


You May Also Want: An Insole Great For HIIT

For a cheap upgrade to your current shoe situation, consider slipping these super affordable insoles into your favorite sneakers. For less than $10, they offer an extra layer of cushioning during high-impact workouts, and the gel inner layer cradles your foot to keep it from slipping during sudden, quick movements. They even feature reinforced arch support like some of the best HIIT shoes on the market, so you can get the benefits without the price tag.

What fans say: "I use my sneakers for HIIT classes which require a lot of cardio like running and jumping rope which puts some stress [and] pain on my feet. These insoles have been awesome in alleviating that pain. I ordered the XL which fit perfectly with my 10.5 size shoes. Overall, these are great and super comfortable!"

  • Available in sizes: Women's 7 - 16.5

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