The 3 Best Shower Caps

There's some decidedly unglamorous prep that goes into looking glamorous. Case in point? Shower caps. Though, to be honest, they're not quite as comical in terms of design as they used to be. Sure, even the best shower caps aren't exactly going to pass as chic hair accessories, but they will keep your hair completely protected while you rinse off.

As anyone who's ever used a flimsy, plastic, hotel shower cap knows, investing in a quality shower cap can make a world of difference. To actually keep your hair protected, look for a strong, sturdy shower cap with an elastic band that won't allow your hair to slip out — even better if it's lined with a thicker material, like cotton or PEVA (a type of waterproof vinyl that's commonly used to construct shower curtains).

To properly care for your shower cap — some can become smelly over time — make sure to wash it every once in a while. Some shower caps are machine-washable, while others can be cleaned using warm water and dish soap (most brands provide care instructions, so just be sure to double-check). Also, if you tend to keep your shower cap stored in a humid place, like inside a bathroom cabinet or drawer, make sure to let it fully dry before putting it back to avoid the growth of mildew and bacteria (though you can find shower caps that are mold- and mildew-resistant — you'll find one great example below).

Scroll on for the three of the best shower caps worth investing in.

1. The Overall Best Shower Cap On The Market

If you have longer or thicker hair, finding a shower cap that sturdily holds everything in can be a challenge. The Betty Dain Fashionista Collection was designed to be oversized so that it fits a wider range of lengths and textures — you can even put it over your hair if it's in a bun — while its elasticized hem secures to your head tightly. The shower cap is made with a waterproof nylon exterior, and even better, it has an eco-friendly PEVA lining that's resistant to mold and mildew. To top it off, it's available in a range of fun prints, including polka dots and zebra stripes.

2. Cutest Shower Cap

This shower cap is as chic as they come with its turban-like design and fun palm leaf print. The Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap features a tight elastic band (accented with a cute bow at the front) to hug your hairline as closely as possible and stay in place. For the best coverage, Kitsch recommends first securing your hair into a low bun, then pulling the shower cap over your hair starting at the nape of your neck, which is practical advice no matter which cap you're using.

In addition to the on-trend tropical print, this shower cap comes in a range of other stylish designs, like pink and gold polka dots, black and white stripes, or two different florals: light pink and purple, or indigo and lavender.

3. Best Shower Cap For Travel

Yes, all of the shower caps on this list are certainly easy enough to throw in your carry-on, but this EcoTools Shower Cap comes with its own case so you don't have to worry about where to stow it if it's still wet (the storage case is ventilated, so it won't harbor mold or bacteria). The cap itself has an organic cotton lining that's gentle on hair, as well as a waterproof exterior to prevent any moisture from seeping in. If you decide to use the cap with a hair mask, you can flip it inside out so that the treatment doesn't get into the cotton lining.

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