These Shower Filters Are Essential If You're Experiencing Hair Loss — & Here's Why


If you're dealing with premature hair loss, you may be surprised to hear that chemicals in your home's water source could be a contributing factor. Thankfully, however, the best shower filters for hair loss exist to extract those unwanted chemicals and make showering a better experience for your strands.

The main culprit is "hard" water (aka water with high levels of magnesium and calcium). And should you live in an area that has it, you may be at a higher risk of having thinning, dry hair, or hair loss. For a bit more info on filters and how they can help, I reached out to Debra Jaliman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City.

"Filters help reduce the amount of chlorine in the water," Dr. Jaliman tells Bustle, adding that they also filter out calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that contribute to frizz and an overall dull appearance. Bacteria can also be a culprit, she notes. It builds up inside your shower head over time and can contaminate the water that comes out, causing even more damage. The good news? A shower filter takes care of this as well.

Finding A Shower Filter: Where To Start

According to Dr. Jaliman, these are the major action items to keep in mind when searching for a filter that's right for you.

  1. Look for one that removes chlorine and has a cartridge with a decent lifespan so you only have to replace it every six months.
  2. Find out if your town treats the water with chloramine, as some areas use this chemical instead of chlorine. It can still be harmful to your hair and skin, so if this is the case for you, Dr. Jaliman recommends choosing a filter that specifically removes chloramine.

Keeping Dr. Jaliman's advice in mind, I found four of the best filters out there. Whether you're looking for the best shower head for hard water or a two-in-one shower head and filter, there's something for you here. But don't forget to rule out other potential causes of premature balding. Underlying medical issues like protein deficiencies should always be ruled out by your doctor, and of course, excessive bleaching, dying, and heat styling can cause similar thinning.

The Overall Best Shower Filter For Hair Loss

This high-output shower filter by AquaBliss is a best-seller on Amazon and comes highly-rated with over 1,600 customer reviews. The universal, multi-stage shower filter attaches to any type of shower head and is super easy to install. Using active carbon and calcium sulfites, it purifies water, ridding it of any chlorine, metals, and bacteria. Its replaceable filter cartridge lasts six to eight months, but it doesn't filter chloramine. If you need one that does, check out the other options, below.

What fans say: Users noted how much this filter has helped them with skin and hair issues, with one person calling it "a life changer." Another Amazon reviewer wrote, "This filter has eliminated so many minor skin and scalp issues that our hard and chemical filled water was causing."

Also Great: A 15-Stage Filter That Filters Chloramine & Has Added Benefits

For those needing a chloramine filter, this powerful option by AquaHomeGroup has that covered and so much more. It's got a 15-stage and is super easy to install. The best part? Aside from removing unwanted bacteria and chemicals — including chlorine and chloramine — it also comes with vitamin C ceramic balls that offer additional hair and skin benefits. It's compatible with any type of shower head and won't affect water pressure.

What fans say: Users say it helps with soften water. One person wrote in an Amazon review, "The shower water actually feels softer and smells clean and fresh. Best of all, my hair and skin are not dry anymore."

The Best 2-in-1 Shower Head With A Built-In Filter & Multiple Spray Settings

With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, this two-in-one filtered shower head by Culligan is a solid pick if you're looking for a head that comes with a built-in filtration system. The wall-mounted option uses an anti-clog rubber nozzle and boasts five different spray settings for optimal comfort while it's in use. Meanwhile, its filter reduces chlorine, sulfur, and mineral levels and keeps any potential scale buildup at bay. This option, sadly, doesn't filter chloramine, so definitely check out numbers two and three on this list if that's what you're after.

What fans say: "For 15 years our house has been on a well ... Less than a month ago we ordered this shower head and there has been a vast improvement to the condition of my hair. I am so pleased that my hair no longer has that dull, tumbleweed look but is settling down and showing some shine."

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