Wipe Away Shower Moisture With These Highly Rated Squeegees On Amazon

Not everyone appreciates a good squeegee, but once you start using one of the best shower squeegees, it's hard to deny just how effective they are at whisking away excess moisture. And with less moisture comes less soap scum, mold, and mildew. Translation: These affordable little gadgets will make maintaining your shower a lot easier.

Though squeegees aren't exactly hard to find, they banish water droplets with varying degrees of success. Not the mention, a truly great squeegee will be easy to hang or mount in your shower (because at the end of the day, the best shower squeegee is the one you actually use.) To spare your wallet, I've scoured the internet for a few different options that won't disappoint. Whether you're looking for a compact handheld option, a value pack for a multi-shower home, or an extendable squeegee that can handle those hard-to-reach places — I've got you covered.

Regular squeegeeing will prevent buildup, whether you finish off the job with a spritz of daily shower spray or not. (Pro tip: There's a squeegee technique professionals swear by, according to Merry Maids. "All you have to do is run your squeegee from top to bottom or left to right," reads the cleaning company's blog post on the topic.) Read on to find the best tool for your cleaning bathroom — and reap the rewards later!


Best Overall: This Squeegee With More Than 3,000 Reviews On Amazon

With a four-star rating and thousands of reviews, OXO Good Grips' all-purpose squeegee is the best of the best. The compact, lightweight gadget has a nimble blade and a slip-proof handle for maximum control as you wipe your shower dry, with no streaks in sight. It comes with a suction hook for risk-free mounting, plus it's safe to use on all shower surfaces.

Reviewers note that the squeegee actually has a transparent white blade, rather than the pictured blue, but that doesn't affect its water-removing strengths. Plus, as a satisfied customer highlighted, there are "no metal parts to rust or anything."


Best Value: This Four-Pack Of Squeegees For Multiple Bathrooms

If you have more than one shower to squeegee, this four-pack is ideal and relatively affordable. Each sleek squeegee is white with a splash of color on the blade and around the handle's wide loop, which is perfect for hanging on a removable hook (not included). Note: The colors are "assorted" and "randomly chosen," per the manufacturer.

Like the OXO option above, these squeegees will work well on any shower type, though some reviewers had negative experiences with the colors bleeding into their shower caulking. Others, on the other hand, had no issues. "They are better than the more expensive and fancy squeegees," raved one fan. Worried about staining your shower caulk? Just be sure to test these out in an inconspicuous area first.


Most Versatile: This Extendable Squeegee For Shower Doors, Floors, & Walls

For a total-shower squeegee, KOLLIEE's adjustable option, which has four-stars on Amazon, gives you complete control — no awkward bending over involved. Its removable, stainless steel handle expands to 50 inches, while the foam blade is a whopping 15 inches wide for maximum coverage.

Capable of rotating up to 180 degrees (to reach any nooks and crannies), it won't scratch your shower surfaces. Despite being marketed as a floor squeegee, this one's perfectly safe to use on walls and doors, too. Plus, it comes with a money-back guarantee and an extra blade for good measure. "Perfect for a big shower floor," reads a happy review. "The pivoting head keeps the blade on the floor so you can angle the blade to pull away from the edge and corners."

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