Get The Stats You Need For Better Sleep Habits With These Comfortable Smartwatches


If you’re waking up tired, a sleep tracker may be able to help you figure out where things are going wrong. The best smartwatches for sleep tracking automatically monitor your sleep stages and provide easy-to-understand stats on an app. And depending on how much you want to invest, they'll also give you customized insights and analysis to help you optimize your sleep, so you wake up feeling better-rested every morning.

When choosing the best sleep tracker watch for you, think about how much information you want to collect. Most wearable sleep trackers measure heart rate and body movement to record how many hours you’re asleep and how long you're spending in different sleep stages; if that's all you're looking for, you can opt for a fairly simple and affordable smartwatch. On the other hand, if you're looking for more in-depth analysis, personalized insight, and tools to help you better manage your sleep, you'll want to invest in a smartwatch with more sophisticated features, like an alarm that optimizes your wake-up time based on your sleep cycle, or a built-in Alexa, so you can fall asleep to soothing sounds. And if you deal with sleep apnea, you may want to consider a watch with an SpO2 sensor to monitor your estimated blood oxygen levels during the night. (Of course, this is no substitute for professional medical help — so consult your doctor — but it may be a helpful tool.)

Besides sleep tracking, all these picks offer smartwatch features like phone notifications, music, fitness tracking, and GPS route tracking when connected to your smartphone.

A good night's sleep doesn't just feel great, it also has a myriad of positive effects on your mood, immune system, heart, metabolism, and more. So if you want a look into the quality of your sleep, these are the best smartwatches for sleep tracking on Amazon.

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The Overall Best

When it comes to sleep tracking, the Fitbit Versa 2 is a cut above the rest. It tracks sleep by monitoring restlessness as well as your heart rate, which varies depending on which stage of sleep you're in. Based on that, the accompanying app gives you an overall sleep score, as well as a graph that displays how much time you spent in light, deep, and REM sleep, plus any time lying awake in bed. This watch is also the only pick that has a built-in SpO2 sensor that tracks your estimated blood oxygen levels throughout the night — a tool that can be helpful for managing sleep apnea. (Of course, this is not a substitute for professional medical help.)

But this pick doesn't just give you the stats — it actually helps you establish better habits thanks to features like sleep scheduling and bedtime reminders that encourage you to stick to a routine. You can also set it so that it will gently wake you with vibrations during the optimal sleep stage within half hour of your set wake-up time. Plus, with a subscription to Fitbit Premium, you can get personalized insights on how your sleep is affecting your overall health; and if there’s room for improvement, you’ll get tips on what you can do to feel your best.

Besides sleep monitoring, the FitBit offers tons of other features like smartphone notifications (when your phone is nearby), GPS, fitness tracking with multiple sports modes, and music streaming, courtesy of the built-in Alexa. It's also waterproof, so you can wear it while swimming, but there's one drawback: The battery lasts about six days on one charge — the shortest battery life on this list — but not a bad tradeoff for all the perks you're getting. Choose from four band colors, including petal pink and carbon black, as well as two special edition watches that feature woven bands and analog faces.

According to fans: “Believe it or not the main purpose for me to buy this watch was to track my sleep patterns but I’m loving everything else too! […] The sleep tracker is awesome. It’s accurate, and tracks even if I doze off during the day, no need to set anything. It’s been invaluable!”


The Best Budget Sleep Tracker

For a more wallet-friendly option, this affordable sleep tracking smartwatch uses your heart rate and body movements to track the amount of time you spend awake and in light and deep sleep each night — stats that are displayed in an easy-to-read graph on the VeryFitPro app. However, the sleep tracking features here are less comprehensive than the above pick: There’s no REM or SpO2 tracking, sleep scheduling, or advice on optimizing your sleep, but it’s great choice you’re just looking for basic insight at a price that won't break the bank.

This watch also performs as a fitness tracker with multiple sports modes and displays smartphone notifications when your phone is nearby. It offers music control (although there's no built-in Alexa) and GPS route tracking, and the IP68 rating means you can wear it while swimming. Plus, the long-lasting battery offers seven to 10 days of use on one charge. Choose from black, green, or pink bands.

According to fans: “It has incredible battery life and has all the handy features I want from a fitness/activity first smartwatch. I especially love the sleep tracking.”


An Option With A Classic Aesthetic

This sleep monitor watch with an analog face offers all the power of a sleep and fitness tracker but with a classic aesthetic — perfect if you want a watch with enough style cred to go with any look. The watch features a stylish stainless steel face with a metal dial, and the sleep tracking features are nearly identical to the budget pick above. It tracks your heart rate and body movements, and records the amount of time you spend awake and in light and deep sleep via the VeryFitPro app. However, there're no comprehensive insights or REM tracking or oxygen level monitoring like the top pick.

Like the other two options, it counts steps and has multiple sports modes for fitness tracking. It provides GPS route tracking and displays smartphone notifications (when your phone is nearby) and boasts a 5 ATM water-resistance rating, so you can wear it while showering and swimming up to a depth of 50 meters. The battery works for up to 10 days on one charge, and the band is available in matte black and midnight green.

According to fans: “Beyond what I ever expected and so easy to use and understand. The range of features are a great addition to the beautiful design.”