If You Have Bunions, Meet Your New Favorite Pair Of Socks

by Andrea Hannah

There's nothing worse than wearing your favorite shoes, only to deal with crippling foot pain the rest of the day. The good news? Not only can the best socks for bunions help relieve pain, but they can keep your feet dry and comfy, too.

Before you buy, it's important to keep in mind the severity of your foot pain. If you have chronic, long-term pain or a particularly large or sensitive bunion, you'll want to look for a pair of socks with an extra layer of padding around the affected area to help reduce pain. But if you're dealing with a smaller bunion, or chronic foot pain in general, it may be best to invest in multifunctional socks to reduce swelling, support arches, and offer preventative solutions to foot pain.

You'll also want to keep in mind when you're planning on wearing your socks. If you know you'll need them just about every day, consider a simple, neutral pair you can wear with just about any footwear. But if you're an athlete or need your socks to support your feet while you're exercising, you may want to invest in a great pair of properly padded compression socks to keep your feet properly aligned.

When it comes down to it, there are so many options out there for socks that relieve foot pain, it can be tough to find exactly what you need. Here's a roundup of some of the best socks for bunions you can buy.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

When it comes to comfort and support, these split-toe socks hit all the right marks. First, their unique design features a seam between the first and second toes to offer a gentle correction of the big toe, which tends to be turned slightly inward with a bunion. These socks also offer an extra layer of padding at the ball of the foot where bunions tend to form to reduce friction and offer continuous support.

On top of that, they're moisture-wicking and seamless so you can wear them all day without any irritation whatsoever. They even offer additional arch support to keep your feet properly aligned while you walk and reduce overall foot pain. If you're looking for a pair of socks that do it all, this pair is it.


The Best For Everyday Wear

For everyday wear, these padded crew socks work with most footwear and keep you totally comfortable. Made with flexible, sweat-wicking material, they feature a unique design that allows for maximum airflow while still staying firmly in place on your foot. Plus, they also feature extra cushioning around the ball of the foot, where bunions tend to form, as well as along the arch for additional support.

The only downside to these socks is that they're recommended "for walkers with minor foot issues." If you're dealing with chronic foot pain, it may be best to invest in socks targeted specifically to treat bunions (see above).


The Best For Working Out

These comfortable running socks are the perfect addition to your gear if you're aiming to stay pain-free while you workout. Made with lightweight Merino wool, they offer natural anti-odor defense while surrounding your foot in cocoon of comfort. Both the toe and heel areas feature extra padding to keep bunions and other painful areas supported. The unique arch design compresses your foot and keeps the sock firmly in place to keep your feet properly aligned and totally dry, mile after mile. Bonus: Even reviewers without foot pain mention how excellent these socks are, especially due to the lifetime guarantee with each purchase.


You May Also Want: A Comfy Gel Pad For Pain Relief

If you're looking for even more support, this bunion sleeve offers targeted support to quickly and effectively relieve pain. The sleeve features a soft gel pad positioned over the joint between your first and second toes — the place that tends to cause bunions to form — for immediate relief and to support alignment. Plus, the sleeve is super low-profile, so you can wear it under just about any sock without drawing attention to your feet.

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