Spice Up Your Life With These Restaurant-Quality Spice Grinders


Store-bought, pre-ground spices may offer convenience, but they’re lacking in freshness and flavor when compared to freshly ground spices. The best spice grinders give you the ability to grind only what you need, saving you money on wasted or stale pre-ground spices and providing the best flavor. But with so many different spice grinders available, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Below are a few things to look for when picking a spice grinder for your kitchen.

Grinding hard, fibrous spices into fine powder is no easy task, so look for a grinder that’s sturdy and made from durable, long-lasting material. Stainless steel blades and grinding bowls offer the best durability and don’t absorb flavors like some other materials.

Versatility and the ability to customize grind size is important when picking a spice grinder. Certain recipes call for a coarse grind such as spice rubs, while others like soups and sauces require spices to be extra fine. A spice grinder that can produce a range of grinds offers the most versatility.

Spice grinders with one-touch functionality, either by pressing a lid or a single button to operate, offer the most control. Unlike some appliances with touch-and-go systems, for the best grinding results, you should look for hands-on operation. This allows you to monitor the coarseness of your grind so you get exactly what you need.

The best spice grinders below are perfect for anyone looking to step-up their cooking with freshly ground spices at home.


The Overall Best Spice Grinder

Like many spice grinders, this option from LinkChef doubles as a coffee grinder. The grinding action takes place in a detachable stainless steel bowl which is covered by a transparent plastic lid that powers the grinder when compressed. The lid enables you to see the contents inside the bowl, and also helps to contain any dust or residue after grinding so you can keep your countertops clean. Since the stainless bowl is removable, emptying its contents is easy, and the included brush helps ensure you get every last bit of your spices so there is no waste. Weighing in at a sturdy 2.5 pounds and able to grind up to 60 grams of spices, the LinkChef is well-built and backed by a three-year warranty. Aside from the construction, the reviews reveal just how many people are using it as a spice grinder — and with great results. Reviewers report that even difficult spices, like dried chiles and rosemary, were reduced to powder in this unit, winning it the title of overall best spice grinder on this list.


The Budget Buy: A Portable Spice Grinder For Under $14

Simple and straightforward, this grinder from Aicok has only two parts and one button for ease of use. Though it's lighter in weight and lower in wattage than the other two grinders featured here, customer reviews reveal that the Aicok is still able to make quick work out of things like dried peppers. Despite its low price, the Aicok comes with a stainless steel bowl and blade for performance and durability. The triangular grinding basket is designed for optimal blade contact so contents can be blended to your desired fineness. Like most spice grinders that are powered by pressing a lid or a button, the longer you hold the button down, the finer your ingredients will get. The clear plastic lid allows you to view into the grinding basket to monitor your progress. One thing to note, due to the fixed grinding basket design, it can be a bit of a challenge to get everything out of the basin in the motor. A trick: After grinding, hold the lid and tip the grinder to transfer ground spices into the lid which can be used as a scoop to transfer your spices.


The Best For Big Batches: A Grinder That Can Hold Up To 90 Grams Of Spices

If you’re someone who goes through spices quickly or makes big-batch blends for recipes like spice rubs, this option from Cuisinart is a great choice. This large-capacity grinder can hold up to 90 grams of spices, allowing you to grind large recipes in a single grind, versus in batches which can lead to varied consistency. A similar design to the LinkChef, the stainless steel grinder bowl of the Cuisinart is removable, and the lid ensures mess-free grinding and easy cleanup. The lid also doubles as a cover for storing spices in the grinding bowl. Both the stainless steel bowl and blade assembly are dishwasher safe for further convenience. To give you an idea of the Cuisinart’s power and performance, reviewers note successfully grinding tough cinnamon sticks and flax seeds. As an added bonus, if you’re looking for inspiration, it comes with a recipe guide so you can get cooking.

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