These Powerful Steam Mops Lift Set-In Dirt From Your Floors — & They're All Under $50


To start I should say, $50 is about as cheap as a steam mop will ever cost. That's because, up front, steam mops are more expensive than your standard mop. However, most people who use these mops save a lot of money in the long run when they don't have to shell out for expensive detergents or removable cleaning pads on a monthly or weekly basis. All that said, there are a few cheap steam mops still worth your money. The best steam mops under $50 can banish difficult, set-in stains from your floors without breaking the bank.

When shopping for an inexpensive steam mop, keep in mind: Top-of-the-line steam mops can run into the hundreds of dollars. So, when shopping for one under $50, you'll find a smaller pool of options. You likely won't find one with some of the more high-tech features, like fast heating times or fancy attachments. Most of them will come with a microfiber pad (or two!) you can slip on and off your mop when you're ready to use it. While some of the nicer models can heat up and be ready in 30 seconds, other less expensive models require minutes before they're ready to use.

What you really sacrifice with a cheaper steam mop is the lifespan of the device. But, after reading the reviews I can say you'll get enough use out of the steam mops below to make them worthwhile.

Enough said. These are the best steam mops under $50.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

For the money, this COSTWAY steam mop is the way to go. Not only does it boast 1500 watts of power, but it can heat up in as little as 30 seconds. The triangular mop head is perfect for getting into tight corners, and even swivels 180 degrees so you'll have a better range of motion. It also has a power light to let you know when the 8-ounce tank needs to be refilled. Best yet, the absorbent microfiber pad is machine washable, so you can toss it in the laundry after you're done. And, out of all the mops on this list, reviewers have the most luck using this one on carpet in addition to hard-surfaced floors.

What fans say: "OMG I'm surprised on how well this product works and the price of it. I use this steam mop to clean my kitchen's vinyl flooring. The set-up is easy, just put the mop cover on the bottom of this steam mop. water in the jug, plug it in, and its good to go. I just wish they can make one that's portable, i don't really like the wiring. It good value and effective."


The Runner Up

While this Dirt Devil steam mop is a bit more expensive, and not quite as well-loved by reviewers, it offers a lot of the same functionality as the mop above. It also offers 1500 watts of power, a 30-second heat time, and comes with an 18-foot power cord. It does come with a back-up microfiber pad, unlike the COSTWAY mop, which would come in handy if you need to mop more often than you do your laundry. However, for an extra few dollars, this mop doesn't offer a lot of extra value that the COSTWAY mop doesn't, and according to reviewers isn't quite as good at tackling stains on carpeted floors.

What fans say: "I love this mop. I bought it because it was cheap and I only have two floors I really wanted to clean with it but I've been using it since August and it works great. I was shock and horrified at the amount of dirt it picked up off the floors.I use this weekly and have started using it throughout my house (even on my hardwoods) because it is so much easier than traditional mopping."


The Most Affordable

This Ovente steam mop is the cheapest on the list for a reason. For just $35, you get a standard steam mop and two reusable microfiber cloths. The pole is made of sturdy (and adjustable) aluminum and the base even features a power indicator light to let you know when it's ready to operate. However, this mop can take minutes to heat up properly, and it's less powerful than other options on this list. Ultimately, it's a good price, but doesn't quite match the quality of the mops above.

What fans say: "No bells and whistles on this steam mop, and that's just the way I wanted it... I have used the Ovente about 5 times; so far, so good!"


You May Also Want: A Spray Mop That Is Great For Set-In Stains

While spray mops, like this one from O-Cedar, operate differently than a traditional steam mop, they achieve the same result. They both use water to help loosen up dirt and grime on your floors and then quickly lift them with a reusable pad. The main difference is that spray mops operate without heat. This does make them slightly less effective, but you won't have to wait for your mop to heat up or plug it into any outlet. This spray mop is a fan-favorite that's only $20, and doesn't require any chemicals or detergents to effectively clean your floors (although, some reviewers like adding a teaspoon or two of their favorite cleaning solution). In fact, that's a big reason why many fans got this one to replace their more expensive steam mops. It even comes with a dual-sided, machine-washable microfiber pad, and its head can twist 180 degrees to clean hard-to-reach areas of your floors.

What fans say: "Best mop ever!!! I replaced my fancy steam mop that died with this mop and could not be happier. It has no cords, it has no heating up time, it covers more area, it cleans better, it has rubber pieces right where I need them to lean it up against the wall or counter without it falling over. Quality product - it doesn't feel cheaply made."

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