The 3 Best Thermal Curtains To Keep Heat Out


If you struggle with rooms that overheat or aggressive sunshine, the best thermal curtains to keep heat out are a smart investment, and can be a real lifesaver during sweltering summers or in consistently hot climates. In fact, they can even save you money by keeping your room colder without you having to purchase an air conditioner or fan.

While, yes, thermal curtains can reduce light by up to 90 percent and insulate against heat, it's important to note that not all thermal options are alike. For the best insulation, look for a thermal curtain that has at least two layers, triple-woven fabric, and blackout technology to eliminate light and even noise. And while it may initially seem like the bigger the price tag, the better the quality, that's not actually the case. There are plenty of high-quality curtains that are totally budget-friendly.

And, as you shop, don't forget to keep in mind the size and length of your window. Length will be particularly important, as you want to get curtains that match your space requirements, and many of the options on this roundup feature curtains that come in a variety of lengths and size options.

But, with so many options out there, it can be easy to get lost in the choices. That's why I've gathered the best thermal curtains to keep heat out here for your consideration.

1. Best Overall, All Things Considered

These thermal curtains by Best Home Fashion top the list, and with good reason. For one, they feature a thick, triple-woven lining that blocks out up to 99 percent of light and 100 percent of UV rays, keeping your home cool in even the hottest weather. They also feature antique brass grommets to keep fabric from tearing, and the curtains come in a variety of colors so you can match just about any room. And, because you can buy these curtains in an extra-wide size (100 inches wide!), these are the best if you're looking to outfit a sliding door. One reviewer is obsessed with these curtains, writing: "I've looked all over for true blackout curtains in a light color, and have tried a half dozen from local retailers. Imagine my surprise when these arrived! They're a single panel of fabric, and truly, truly blackout, even in beige."

2. Best Pick For Smaller Windows

If you're looking to insulate a smaller window, Flamingo P's short thermal panels are the way to go. At only $20 for two 63-inch long panels, these curtains will fit just about any window without too much overhang, and with so many colors to choose from (they currently have 13 different colors in the 63-inch size), it's easy to find a perfect match. Made with triple-woven fabric, these curtains block out 95 percent of sunlight and 100 percent of UV rays. Plus, they're completely vinyl-free and chemical-free, so they're safe to use around pets and kids without worry. One fan says, "The colors are great, material is good quality, and yes it keeps light out! Works great for covering window for privacy! Great for keeping cold or heat out!"

3. Best Patterned Pick

For a curtain that comes in plenty of patterns, these thermal curtains by Flamingo P are a must. Made with ultra-soft and high-density microfiber, they feel like velvet to the touch and effectively block out sunlight. And like all the best thermal curtains out there, the fabric is triple-woven to reduce light by up to 90 percent and noise by 70 percent, making them the perfect addition to any bedroom. Bonus: they're completely machine-washable so they're super easy to care for.

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