These Leak-Proof Thermoses Are Perfect For Drinking Your Favorite Cup Of Tea On The Go

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There are a lot of great thermoses on the market, but most of them concern themselves with only one thing: heat retention. And while insulation is an admirable quality in any thermos, tea-lovers may want a little more than just good insulation. When it comes to finding the best thermoses for tea — really, specifically for tea — you might be surprised at how many options you have, and how innovative they can be.

When choosing your ideal thermos, the main factor to consider is how you prepare your tea. If you use tea bags, almost any standard thermos will do, but if you use loose leaf tea, you'll need to opt for a thermos with a filter. This is where things can get tricky, because different thermoses take different approaches to steeping (and then disposing of) loose leaf tea. Additionally, you might be surprised at how some of the more innovative tea-infusing thermoses can cost you — and while it's worth it if you're an avid and picky tea-drinker, if you just plan to use tea bags you may want to skip the added cost.

To help you pick the right one for your needs, I’ve sifted through hundreds of options to introduce you to three of the best thermoses for tea — and there is something here for everyone.


The Overall Best Thermos For Tea

Tea bags or loose tea? Both

What is the capacity? 16 ounces

How long can it keep my tea hot? 8 to 10 hours

This thermos with a tea leaf filter features a vacuum insulation made from a stainless steel material that will keep your beverage hot for eight to 10 hours on average. It has a wide-mouth design, so you can insert full-sized ice cubes to literally keep your beverage ice-cold. But the best part is the removable filter you can use to prepare loose leaf tea in it. This means you won’t have to sit and wait for the drink to steep; you can simply bring it with you on the go and drink it as soon as a few minutes have passed. One fan raved that this tea thermos is “worth every penny” and another praised the tea leaf filter for providing the “perfect steep.”


The Most Worthy Splurge

Tea bags or loose tea? Loose Leaf

What is the capacity? 9 ounces

How long can it keep my tea hot? 1 hour

While it's on the smaller side, this clever ROMAUNT infuser thermos prevents a common issue for loose leaf tea drinkers: over-steeping. It features a bottom compartment for tea leaves, with a valve that can be opened and closed by simply twisting the cap. This makes it virtually effortless to steep your tea to your exactly liking, without the hassle of having to immediately remove and empty a filter. The body of this thermos is made from a BPA-free plastic and features double-wall insulation that helps retain temperature. While reviewers found the thermos didn't keep beverages hot for much longer than an hour, this is perfect for anyone who wants to take their drink to-go and consume it right away. As an added perk, it comes with a soft-shell protective case for safe traveling.


The Best Budget Option

Tea bags or loose tea? Both

What is the capacity? 17 ounces

How long can it keep my tea hot? 4 to 6 hours

Although its temperature retention won't last as long as my overall best pick, this affordable tea thermos is still an excellent option for its price, and reviewers say it retains heat for up to six hours. With a 17-ounce capacity, it's built with a rubber material that's easy to grip, and fits into most car cup holders. It's also built with a spill-proof lid with a vacuum-level seal thanks to the airtight screw on the cap. This means it's safe to travel with and you don't need to worry about spilling tea on yourself. This thermos comes in four different colors and even features a small removable tea infuser basket, so you can use it both with tea bags or with loose leaf tea.


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