These Genius Devices Only Need Water To Clean Your Jewelry In 5 Minutes Or Less

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When your jewelry requires a serious cleaning, using one of the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can help. These powerful devices can easily lift away dirt, grime, oil, and even mold from most jewelry without causing damage. That’s because they use ultrasound waves to clean hard-to-clean corners and nooks on your jewelry.

Ultrasonic cleaners have a built-in motor and tank. For the picks below, all you have to do is fill the tank with your pieces and add water, then turn the tank on and it creates vibrations through the liquid to clean and restore your jewelry’s luster ⁠— usually in around 5 minutes.

However, before you decide on an ultrasonic cleaner, consider the materials your jewelry is made of. Soft stones like pearls, opals, and turquoise should not be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner because they can be damaged. And the same is true for gems with a lot of inclusions or flaws as they may chip. But for most hard gemstones, like diamond, sapphires, rubies, and even cubic zirconia, ultrasonic cleaners are a great choice. They can also handle precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. However, ultrasonic cleaners are also not the most effective at removing tarnish from silver. But no matter what material you’re putting in, always check to make sure your jewelry is compatible with the cleaner and not cracked or damaged first. Some of these cleaners can even handle non-jewelry items like eyeglasses, razor blades, and utensils.

To help you pick the right device, here’s my roundup of the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. All of these machines are top-rated and easy to use. Many of these even come in multiple sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your collection.


The Best Overall Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is one of the best all-around options with more than 3,000 reviews. This cleaner is super easy to use and only requires adding water. It produces 42,000 hertz of ultrasonic waves to remove grime from your jewelry, and each cleaning session only takes 3 minutes. In addition to jewelry, you can also clean waterproof watches, eyeglasses, razor blades, and utensils. This unit has a hefty 20-ounce stainless steel cleaning tank capable of holding everything from earrings and bracelets to diamond necklaces. However, the brand also sells smaller, less expensive units which take 5 minutes to clean, and an upgraded version with a digital timer for a little bit more.

What fans say: “My jewelry looks BRAND NEW and soooo shiny! I can easily clean necklaces, my glasses, watches, and earrings at the same time due to the large size! A must buy especially for the price!”


The Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Steam & UV Light Sanitizer

If you want a deeper clean and don't mind spending a little bit more, the TrioShine ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a great choice. This machine features ultrasonic cleaning as well as added pressurized steam to quickly clean off your pieces and UV light sanitation to ensure your jewelry are not only pretty to look at but also has a lot fewer germs. The ultraviolet sanitizing compartment kills 99.9 percent of E. coli, staph, salmonella, and other bacteria, according to the manufacturer. The ultrasonic cleaning produces 46,000 hertz to lift away dirt in about 5 minutes. Like the first pick, this works with just water.

This device holds about 11 ounces of water so its capacity is slightly smaller than the top pick, but can also be used to sanitize non-jewelry items from mouth guards to baby products to kitchen utensils. It includes a handy precious stone cleaning guide along with tweezers, a funnel, stainless steel basket, measuring cup, and microfiber towel.

What fans say: “I purchased the TrioShine specifically for the power steam function to clean my engagement ring, but the UV & ultrasonic functions make this a game changer. I'm able to clean and sanitize basically anything - Invisaligners, sunglasses, toothbrush, and makeup brushes. It's surprisingly sleek and lightweight. It was worth every penny.”


The Best Budget Option

If you're looking to clean your jewelry for less, this mini ultrasonic cleaner is a smaller but budget-friendly cleaner that’s super portable. It’s only 4.5 by 3.5 inches in size and is completely battery operated. You only need a single AA battery to generate 42,000 hertz of ultrasonic waves to lift away dirt and grime from your jewelry in 5 to 10 minutes, a little longer than the other models. The compact size of this mini ultrasonic cleaner makes it ideal for travel, too. And like the first two picks, there’s no need for cleaning solutions since it only requires tap water. However, this ultrasonic cleaner only has a 5-ounce tank, so you can’t polish a bunch of items at once. Like the other picks, this pick lets you clean some non-jewelry items like waterproof watches and dentures, however, it's not large enough for things like most kitchen utensils.

What fans say: “Works great for the price, cleaned our wedding rings and my wifes necklace, the diamonds and white gold came out Beautiful sparkling, removed the lotion from hard to reach areas."

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