These Affordable Detergents Are The Key To An Even Cheaper Laundry Day


First and foremost, when shopping for the best value laundry detergents, you’ll want to focus on the cost per load, rather than the overall cost of the detergent. That's because some detergents are more concentrated than others, and the size of the container can be misleading as to how many washes you will be able to do with it.

Also consider the type of detergent you're looking to buy. While the most affordable detergent money can buy is a liquid one, there are still cheap pods or powders you can use if that's what you prefer to use in your laundry. Keep in mind, research shows that liquid detergents may be better for the longevity of your washing machine — which will save you money by prolonging the life of your washer. If you own your own washing machine, remember: Those savings aren't factored into the price of the detergent today, but they'll make for a more cost-conscious laundry experience in the long run.

But, whether you prefer the convenience of pods, the scrubbing power of powder detergent, or the ease of a liquid, you can still find value options that won't set you back. Scroll down to start saving with three of the best value laundry detergents you can buy.


The Best Value Overall

Cost per load: 7 cents

With a 4.2-star Amazon rating and a very affordable price tag, this concentrated liquid detergent offers one of the best values on laundry detergent you will find. Each bottle contains 100 loads worth of detergent. That means, at its current price, the average cost per load is about 7 cents. This detergent is also safe for both HE and regular washing machines and has a long-lasting and pleasant mountain breeze scent that reviewers love.

What fans say: “I've always loved Purex products. They smell incredible, and I've never been disappointed with the quality of the products, despite the low price. I've used Purex detergent for years, always with great results.”


The Best Pods

Cost per load: 12 cents

What's not to like about these Arm & Hammer laundry detergent pods? Their lightly scented, two-in-one formula contains OxiClean, so you won't have to use a separate stain remover to eliminate stains from clothes. Safe for all machines, the one-two punch of OxiClean and baking soda in this detergent ensures that your clothes come out of the wash looking as fresh and bright as possible.

Since a standard load of laundry typically requires a single pack, that makes the price of these about 12 cents per load. (However, keep in mind that if you have large or heavily soiled loads, you'll have to use two pods per wash.) While more expensive per load than liquid or powder, for a pod detergent, they offer a better value than most other brands.

What fans say: "This detergent does a great job for a fraction of the price. Clothes come out noticeably clean. Why pay more? It's easy to use and as effective as any other laundry product I have used. I go to the gym everyday, so the low price helps a lot for frequent washing."


The Best Powder Detergent

Cost per load: 10-14 cents

Not only is this Biokleen laundry detergent powder a great value, it's also eco-friendly, free of fragrances and dyes, and doesn't contain chemicals like phosphate, chlorine, or ammonia, either. According to the manufacturer, the number of loads per box will vary depending on whether you have a HE (high-efficiency) or a standard washing machine. For HE washers, you don't have to use as much detergent, so you can do about 150 loads compared to 100 loads for a standard washing machine. That comes out to about 10 to 14 cents per load, a very reasonable price, especially if you prefer washing your clothes with a scentless and greener laundry detergent.

At 10 pounds, it's practically a workout to carry this box of powder detergent around, but for such a great bargain, it's worth the effort.

What fans say: "This product works exceptionally well. It’s very affordable, not tested on animals, and environmentally friendly. I would be happy to use this forever."

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