These Waterproof Bags Will Protect Your Phone From Water Damage & Yes, You Need One


When we do awesome, photo-friendly things like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, or just spending the day by the beach, it pays to have one of the best waterproof phone bags handy. But, this isn't the sort of purchase you want to make without doing the legwork. One bad drop with a phone in a bag that isn't quite waterproof, and you're out of a lot of money to replace your tech.

So what makes for a good waterproof phone bag? The first thing is going to be its IPX rating. This is a metric that determines how waterproof something is, ranging from mildly water-resistant all the way to fully submersible. For phone bags, an IPX8 rating is typically a good target to keep your phone safe and dry. Another thing to look at is the closure system. You want to make sure that not only does the bag open and close easily so you don’t get frustrated, but also that it secures tightly and won’t leak or let water in.

A final factor to consider is the touchscreen. Most people want a device they can use when they’re in the water so make sure to get one that has a transparent window and touchscreen-compatible material. To help you keep you out, I’ve put together a list of the best waterproof phone bags to make sure your beloved device doesn’t end up waterlogged at the end of the day.


The Overall Best

Not only is this wildly-popular waterproof phone bag IPX8-certified waterproof up to 100 feet (meaning it's fully submergible), it's even snow-proof and dirt-proof. This pouch features an effortless snap-and-lock system to open and close it so you don't have to worry about a Ziplock-style seal popping open. Even with it fully sealed you still have total touchscreen functionality for things like sending texts or using your camera — the only thing you can't do is use your touch ID to open it. With nearly 24,000 glowing reviews, you can feel confident that this bag is tried, true, and going to protect your tech. Best of all, it fits both Apple and Android devices and only costs $8.


The Best Floating Pouch

This cleverly-designed phone bag features air circle padding around the pouch with buoyant material so it will float anywhere, while still allowing you to use the touchscreen. Like the above option, it is IPX8-certified up to 100 feet. The phone bag showcases clear TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, which is a combination of soft silicone and harder plastic that helps protect your phone, and allows you to use all of the home buttons, send emails and texts, or adjust the volume buttons through its transparent window. The material is lightweight and it comes with a lanyard you can use to hang it around your neck. For just $14 you get a pack of two, so you can lend one to a friend at the beach with you, or keep a spare one just in case.


The Best Hands-Free Option

This innovative option has a full-fledged armband you can use to be completely hands-free to go swimming, snorkeling, or other water-based activities. In addition to that, it has an easy hook-and-loop system with a built-in leash so you can quickly detach it from the armband to take photos or send texts without fear of dropping it to the bottom of the lake. The IPX8-certified bag provides full touchscreen access with a transparent window that block dust, dirt, and grime, in addition to water.


Bonus: A Waterproof DryBox That Holds Your Phone And More

If you want room to store your phone but still have space leftover for things like cash, keys, credit cards, and other small personal belongings, this waterproof drybox is a superb option. It's constructed with 5 cubic inches of space inside to stash your phone along with other random goods. It's built with a mega-tough, polycarbonate exterior that's fully crush-proof and basically impossible to break. The case has top-grade stainless steel hinge pins and sturdy latches. "This case did a great job!" said one pleased customer. "... Case was 100% dry at the end 10 miles of water and mud sometimes fully submerged."

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