The 3 Best Waterproof Setting Sprays

It's frustrating taking the time to get your makeup just right, only to have it start disappearing from your face mere hours later. That's where a makeup setting spray comes in to help. But not all setting sprays are created equal, and many boast completely different abilities. If long-lasting makeup is your goal, you need one of the best waterproof setting sprays to keep your makeup in place through rain, sweat, and really long days at the office.

If you've never used a setting spray before, the good news is that they couldn't be easier to use. Apply your makeup like you normally would, then give the bottle a shake before misting the setting spray over your face in the recommended "X" and "T" motions to cover your whole face. You'll also want to be sure that you hold the bottle at least 8 inches away from your face and keep your eyes closed to avoid any potential irritation getting the product in your eyes could cause.

When you're not planning to actually swim, but need something to hold up to humidity (and the sweat and shine that comes with it), try reinforcing your setting spray with a mattifying setting powder. You'll still want to save the spray for the final step, so once you've applied your makeup, dust powder over the top (concentrating on areas that get the oiliest, like the T-zone), and give it a once over with your setting spray.

The next time you need your makeup to work overtime, reach for one of the best waterproof setting sprays on this list.


The Overall Best Waterproof Setting Spray

There are long-lasting setting sprays, and then there's this Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer, which promises to keep makeup in place for 24 hours. The smudge-proof and water-resistant formula was developed for the theater, to prevent stage makeup from melting under hot lights and intense sweating. When you really want to waterproof your makeup, you can even mix some Final Seal into your liquid products (like foundation) before you apply them for added staying power.

"This product is everything I was hoping for. It saves my face from this awful summer heat and humidity," reported one reviewer, adding, "I have extremely oily skin and was never able to wear makeup during the summer months. This spray keeps it from sliding off my face. I look freshly made up all day and no breakouts at all."

"Ben Nye is pricey, but it's worth it. I used this [on] vacation in Costa Rica. I did everything from swimming to ATV riding, and my makeup stayed in place," another fan of the setting spray wrote.


Best Drugstore Waterproof Setting Spray

This CoverGirl setting spray was recently developed for the brand's Active Makeup collection, which centers on products that are sweat-proof, weather-proof, and transfer-proof for athletes and active lifestyles. That means that not only will this setting spray help your makeup stay on your face during a hike or workout, but it will just as easily keep your makeup intact on days when you don't plan to break a sweat.

"It smells like cucumber, adds a nice glow to the skin, [and] it definitely does a good job of setting makeup," commented one reviewer.


Best Waterproof Setting Spray With Temperature Control Technology

On the list of occasions where a no-fail makeup setting spray is necessary, I'd venture to guess that your wedding would top the list. Skindinavia literally created their Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray with the toughest clients in mind, so you know it holds up. The brand uses their own patented temperature control technology to help prevent excess moisture and shine from ever showing up in the first place. Aloe vera extract is also included in the formula to help soothe skin and prevent it from drying out.

"[I] used this for both my own wedding, and for my best friend's wedding (outside, in the South, in August)," wrote one reviewer who gave the setting spray five-stars. "If it can stand the southern humidity for 12+ [hours], it can stand anything."

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