3 Powerful Teeth Whitening Kits That Are Safe To Use On Sensitive Teeth


If you have sensitive teeth — the kind of teeth that can barely handle an ice-cream cone — you may feel like the world of teeth whitening kits is closed to you. But be still your heart: some of the best whitening kits for sensitive teeth can keep your teeth white and protect you from pain or damage.

Teeth sensitivity can result from a slew of dental issues that include worn tooth enamel after using a hard toothbrush or tooth erosion due to a diet of highly acidic foods and beverages, says New York Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg. One thing is certain: most teeth whitening kits are killer on sensitive teeth.

"Most professional and over-the-counter whitening products feature hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredient," Rozenberg says. "Some people may have teeth that are sensitive to peroxide. Your teeth may start to ache during the whitening procedure and you may feel discomfort when drinking or eating hot or cold products. This potential side effect of teeth whitening is usually short-term, and goes away with time."

To avoid discomfort and get the most out of a teeth whitening kit, Rosenberg suggests searching for products that contain potassium nitrate and fluoride to help reduce any potential sensitivity of the teeth. But if you're in a rush and don't have the time to read every ingredient on each package hunting for safe and unsafe ingredients, here are three of the best whitening kits for sensitive teeth that reviewers with sensitive teeth love.


The Best Peroxide-Free Whitening Kit For Instant Results

This completely organic and vegan teeth whitening kit contains absolutely no peroxide, sulfates, parabens, or GMOs. Its brightening power comes from a natural blend of baking soda and cranberry seed oil that has been shown to start lifting stains from teeth within seven days. Thanks to a blue LED light with a built-in timer, you can lighten your teeth anywhere between two to eight shades. Remember though: these aren't whitening strips that you simply apply and forget about. You will have to fill trays with gel, wear those trays, and apply the LED light — so be prepared for a multiple-step process. But most reviewers say it's worth it. The formula is especially kind to sensitive teeth thanks to an added infusion of chamomile and aloe vera that soothes and comforts gums. And some reviewers say they saw results as soon as after one application.


The Best Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips That Are Mess Free

If you'd rather not mess around with gels, trays or LED lights and need a simpler teeth whitening kit that you can apply and forget about, consider these charcoal teeth whitening strips the solution. This two-week treatment requires minimal effort on your part — peel off the activated charcoal strips, apply them to your top and bottom teeth, leave them on for 30 minutes, and remove them to reveal fewer stains. These strips also feature a combination of ingredients including organic coconut oil, citric acid, menthol, and glycerin to create a powerful formula with a pleasant, fresh flavor. You can expect the results of this treatment to last between six months to one year — but since it's safe for repeated use, you won't have to worry about spacing out treatments the way you would with a peroxide formula that can strip tooth enamel.

Most reviewers agree that you won't see a difference right away when you use these strips, but give it a few weeks and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results (and your sensitive teeth and gums won't experience tingling or discomfort).


The Best Teeth Whitening Powder That People With Sensitive Teeth Rave About

Boasting an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon, Gemmaz Natural Teeth Whitening Powder is one of the best, albeit messiest, alternatives to strips or trays out there. This option is unlike any other on this list, as it comes in a powder form you apply with your toothbrush. Application is as simple as wetting your toothbrush, dipping it in the powder and then brushing. For anyone who has shopped around and struggled to find a teeth whitening solution safe for sensitive teeth, you're not alone. Reviewers felt the same way about products they had tried before trying this powder. One reviewer says, "I can't do traditional teeth whitening methods because my teeth are so sensitive, but I haven't had any trouble with this product." While it may seem odd to brush powder onto your teeth, this organic activated bamboo charcoal powder tastes minty and works quickly. Some reviewers report noticing a difference in the whiteness of their teeth in just a week.

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