3 Window Sun Shades That Keep Your Car Cool & Protect Its Interior


If you live somewhere that experiences extreme weather, you'll know that parking a car outdoors can be an unpleasant experience when UV rays heat up your vehicle, making steering wheels and seats uncomfortably hot to the touch. Fortunately, it's possible to mitigate the effects of high temperatures on your vehicle by using a window sun shade. The best window sun shades protect your car, truck, or SUV from UV rays and heat, making it far more comfortable to drive your vehicle after it’s been parked for extended periods outdoors. They also help protect the interior from sun- and heat-related damage and cracks.

When shopping for a window sun shade, you'll want to pay attention to the sizing of a potential shade to ensure it will fit your car. Most come in several different options in order to accommodate a range of vehicle sizes from compact cars to trucks.

Also, take note: Most sun shades are meant to be used on the vehicle's windshield while it is parked, but if you're more concerned with blocking out the sun's glare while a car is in motion, consider opting for a window sun shade designed for the side of a car. Because they're typically transparent, these shades help reflect UV rays without impeding the driver's operation of the vehicle.

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The Overall Best

With over 4,000 Amazon reviews to its name and a 4.4-star rating, this EcoNour car windshield sun shade is one of the most popular options you'll find. It's available in four different sizes and is very effective at protecting the interior of a car from UV rays and heat, keeping the dashboard, steering wheel, and seats cool, thanks to its double-sided design. Best of all, this shade is super-easy to pop open and install. And when not in use, it folds up to a small size that can fit inside a vehicle's center console or side door. Even better, it comes with a money-back guarantee, so there's little risk in this pick.

What fans say: “This sunshield is perfect for blocking some of the Texas sun this summer. It fit my windshield perfectly, blocking all the rays and reducing the heat build-up. It's easy to fold and unfold to store compactly in the space between the driver’s seat and center console which is so nice, compared to the large accordion types that have nowhere to go when you are driving. It's very lightweight, held in place with sun visors when deployed."


The Runner Up

While this option is just available in three sizes, this Autoamerics windshield sun shade has earned an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon. That's because its two-piece design allows for the shades to overlap with each other to better protect the interior of your car from UV rays and heat. When it's time to drive, this sun shade folds up very small, making it easy to store. As a bonus, it also comes with two anti-slip pads for your dashboard.

What fans say: “I was looking for something that would actually fit in my windshield of my SUV, and I totally love these! Since they are two separate visors instead of the traditional one, they simply overlap in the middle to make a perfect fit! Brilliant! They even have a carrying bag to put them in and are easily stored in the net behind the seat out of the way. Twisting it back up does take a little practice for some of us, but once you get the hang of it, it is a breeze! I would highly recommend!”


The Best For Side Windows

When you want to protect your passengers from sun glare while you're on the road, this four-piece set of Kinder Fluff car sun shades is your best bet. Although it should be noted, if you do plan to use these while driving, each state has it's own laws regarding the level to which you can tint your window. Drivers should also check to make the shades don't obstruct their view while driving. That said, each set comes with four shades: two are semi-transparent and two are completely transparent to protect the side windows of a vehicle from UV rays and heat while still allowing for visibility. Amazon reviewers love that these window shades are easy to install, using static film to adhere to the window rather than suction cups or adhesives. It's no surprise they've won over 5,000 Amazon fans who have given them a 4.4-star rating. While the shades come in one size only, they should fit most car windows. They also can be folded smaller to store.

What fans say: “Not only do these offer great sun protection, but they are the easiest sunshades EVER to apply to a window. Because they use static cling, you can peel them off the window and stick them back up whenever you need to. No suction cups that fall down, no frustration with needing to roll down a window and not wanting to have to readjust the shade. I simply love them. Great value is just an added bonus with four included. (And the great little pouch makes them perfect to stick in the glovebox when not in use!)”

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