4 High-Quality Cotton Socks That Are Way More Comfy Than The Ones On Your Feet

by Margeaux Baulch Klein

Something not everyone knows: Not all socks that qualify as "cotton" socks are made from 100 percent cotton. A generic pair of cotton socks you pick up in a store is often made of a blend of several different fabrics or fibers including things like rayon, acrylic, nylon, spandex, and polyester. But, the very best women’s cotton socks will be made out of 100 percent cotton, and will be softer and more breathable because of it.

Because all of the socks below fit that bill, what should you look for in the right sock for you? The profile of the sock is going to important to your decision, and your choice will largely come down to your personal preference. For example, do you prefer a classic ankle sock or a no-show sock? Are you looking for a sock with grips on the bottom that can keep your feet in place on slippery hardwood floors or in a barre class? Consider these questions as you shop.

And, because cotton-synthetic blend socks dominate the market, it can be difficult to find 100 percent cotton socks. I've done the research and can save you some time: Below are the best women's cotton socks money can buy, all made of 100 percent cotton and zero synthetic fabrics.


Best Ankle Socks

These cotton ankle socks from Davido come in four neutral color options (white, gray, black and white/gray), and are a steal at eight pairs for just $16. Best of all, they're tried, true, and have earned dozens of positive reviews on Amazon. Some reviewers rave at how comfortable these socks are, while others point out their more functional features. These socks are machine-washable (and won't shrink like some other cotton items) and retain their shape over time. However, some have noted that these socks tend to run a bit small, so you might want to size up when ordering.

  • Available Sizes: 6-8, 9-11, 10-13


Best No-Show Socks

These 100 percent cotton, no-show socks purport to be nearly invisible when you're wearing shoes like loafers or low-top sneakers. You can order them all in one solid color, like nude, white, black, or gray, or mix it up with a variety pack of different colors. For just $9, you'll get six pairs of socks, making this pair the least expensive on this list. Best of all, they're designed with silicone grips on the heels to help keep the socks in place. One fan raves, "I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to see that the inside heel of these has anti-slip tracking. I can't ever wear these kinds of socks cause they slip off and get lost inside my shoe but these really stay in place!"

  • Available Sizes: 6-9, 9-12


Best Cotton Socks With Grips

While the pickings are slim when it comes to finding cotton athletic socks, these 100 percent cotton socks, available in the four-pack pictured above (as well as a host of other color options) are perfect for activities like barre, yoga, pilates, or ballet. They're also made with an antibacterial, moisture-wicking cotton that makes them ideal for exercise of all types. And, when you're not working out, the sticky, silicone dots on the bottom help prevent your feet from sliding across the hardwood floor. "These grippy socks are great! They fit snugly enough that they don't twist around or move out of place... The grips on the bottom are better than some of the socks that I have paid more than twice as much for and they look very nice."

  • One Size Only

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