This Tiny Bluetooth Keyboard Fits In Your Pocket & It's A Game-Changer

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In this day and age, having a mini Bluetooth keyboard is undeniably useful, but knowing exactly how you plan to use the keyboard will largely dictate which one is best for you. If size is your number-one priority, then my top pick for the absolute smallest Bluetooth keyboard is the pocket-sized HDE Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard. Not only is this keyboard, super small but the buttons are still large enough that they are easy to press. Its size makes it great for on the go (think: texting on your phone, or typing on your tablet), but it has everything you need if you plan to use it at home with your smart TV, too. However while it's a solid choice for anyone looking for a truly tiny keyboard, it's pretty barebones in terms of features.

If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit in terms of size, there are a few things you can get in return. If you don't mind that your Bluetooth keyboard may not fit in your pants pocket, then I'd recommend Jelly Comb's mini Bluetooth keyboard. It's a slightly larger palm-sized device that has a track pad and several more keys (including an F-command row). For other people who don't necessarily need a handheld device and folks whose large hand-size makes tiny buttons hard to navigate, it's worth considering a full-size Bluetooth keyboard that folds down over a mini keyboard. Even then, in terms of size, the sacrifice is minimal; I found a Jelly Comb foldable Bluetooth keyboard that when collapsed is just under 6 inches wide — again, it may not fit in your pocket, but you should be able to easily toss it in your bag.

For a more in depth look at the pros and cons of the best and smallest mini keyboards, read on.


The Smallest Bluetooth Keyboard

Measuring at just 4.5 inches wide, this mini Bluetooth keyboard can fit in the palm of your hands — or your pocket, making it perfect for at home and on the go. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be powered via a micro USB to USB cord, and its Bluetooth 3.0 interface is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. You can pair it with everything from your mobile phone (Android OS 3.1+, Windows Mobile OS 6.0+, and iPhone OS 4.0+) to tablets, Sony Playstation PS4, and, according to some, even Raspberry Pi. One Amazon reviewer noted that this lightweight keyboard is a great thing to have when you need to discreetly "ninja text" and don't want anyone to know — like during an especially long office meeting. Other reviews have noted that it has a strong Bluetooth signal and good battery life, but, be warned, it’s “crazy small.”


A Slightly Larger Keyboard, But Includes A Trackpad

There are some occasions when having a trackpad in addition to a Bluetooth keyboard can come in handy — like, for instance, scrolling through Netflix or Hulu listings via Google TV or navigating the world of Minecraft on your Android tablet. For those times, having a small handheld Bluetooth keyboard with a built-in trackpad like this one from Jelly Comb is far superior to one without. Like the HDE one, this product features Bluetooth 3.0 technology, a rechargeable battery, and a palm-size QWERTY keyboard layout. However, it clocks in at 5.83 inches wide, making it a wee bit bigger than its non-trackpad competitor. Before purchasing this keyboard, however, be sure to double check whether the device you want to pair it with is supported, as some products, like Amazon Fire TV, are not, while others, like Mac OS, don't work with the touchpad.


A Full-size Keyboard That Folds Up The Smallest

If you don't have the tiny doll-like hands required to successfully navigate a mini Bluetooth keyboard, this option from Jelly Comb may the best one for you. This Bluetooth keyboard features a (nearly) full-size QWERTY keyboard that folds up into a compact size, as well as a trackpad for all of your scrolling needs. When collapsed, the keyboard is only 5.98 inches wide, making it small enough to fit in a pocket or a small bag. When unfolded, the 9 inch aluminum keyboard lets you type efficiently without constantly pressing multiple keys at once, a problem more likely to happen with a tinier layout. Like the other aforementioned Bluetooth keyboards, it comes with standard features like a built-in rechargeable battery and mini-USB cord.

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