The 30 Best Oprah's Favorite Things Products Over The Last Five Years

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Let me be honest here, Oprah knows what she's talking about when it comes to gathering up the best Oprah's Favorite Things gifts. People anxiously await the unveiling of the best products to shop for each year (and the lists don't disappoint). And over the last five years in particular, there have been some pretty amazing things included in Oprah's Favorite Things.

She always has the best variety of items (teach me your ways, Oprah). She chooses everything from techie things, to stuff you can use every day in your kitchen, to delicious artisanal food that you'd never think of buying yourself (and you only do because Oprah basically told you to). You can find accessories that you never knew you needed, and once you have them, you wonder how you lived so long without them.

Oprah just has a knack of picking really functional and useful products. She usually only picks things that people could actually use in life, and then throws in a few items that are just cool. Sure, some of the stuff on the list is crazy expensive, but if you look back throughout the past five years of picks, you can find a really awesome item in your price range that you'll end up loving.

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