Allergy Sufferers, These Air Purifiers Can Eliminate Dust, Pollen, & Dander From Your Home

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If you have allergies, you know the torture of trying to sleep at night in a dusty room. You live with a vacuum cleaner by your side and would pay anything to have a device that doesn't require you to be constantly cleaning. The best air purifiers for allergies are exactly that — and a good one can transform your living space.

In order to breathe better, especially if you have allergies, it's important to reduce the number of pollutants in your space. Dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, and pet dander re well-known culprits, and a quality air purifier should be able to destroy all of these pollutants. Most air purifiers for pollen and other allergens are portable and many have HEPA filter systems that are better at capturing tiny particles. With that said, not all air purifiers are equal.

It's important to choose a purifier for allergy sufferers that works for the size of the room you want to clean. In many cases, brands will even indicate a square footage range that is best suited for that particular model. An overwhelming majority of purifiers are pretty expensive — like, over $300 expensive — and that's before you pay for annual operating costs and filter replacements. But there are plenty of purifiers, including the four on this list, that are relatively affordable and get the job done.

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The Best Air Purifier For Large Spaces & The Most Powerful: Blueair Blue Pure 211+

Finding an air purifier for larger rooms that can effectively remove allergens can be a challenge. But this portable, 12.5-pound purifier is the top-rated choice on Consumer Reports, with a rating of 89, for one major reason: it's excellent at removing dust, pollen, and smoke from larger rooms up to 650 square feet.

Designed to capture 99% of PM 2.5 airborne pollutants, the air in your room will be cleaned in no time when you use this device on its highest speed setting. It has a washable pre-filter that's excellent at capturing larger particles and a convenient filter indicator that alerts you when it's time to clean and change the filter.

It's not perfect, of course. It isn't the quietest when you operate it at its lowest speed and it has "relatively high" filter costs, operating costs, and annual costs, which include routine filter replacement. Still, many reviewers and CR testers say this air purifier's benefits far outweigh its negatives.

According to a reviewer: "Purchased based upon Consumer Reports high rating. Run it in the evening and overnight in bedroom and has significantly improved congestion from allergies! Wish I would have found it sooner."


The Best Purifier For Mid-Size Rooms: Coway Mighty Air Purifier

Got guests coming over in 30 minutes? Turn on this allergy air purifier and expect airborne particulate pollution in a small room (up to 350 square feet) to be cut in half in no time. It can handle both large and compact spaces and is actually much less expensive than similar models that boast the same features.

But here's the other pro with this purifier, one that's often overlooked: it's a solid investment. You'll spend less for maintenance on replacement filters, which can last up to two years, so it'll stand the test of time.

This purifier boasts a filter change indicator, ionizer and eco mode, and three speed air flow controls. It has a HEPA efficiency rating of 99.97% and uses a four-stage filtration system to get rid of odors and pollutants. Plus, it comes in two sleek colors: black and white.

According to a reviewer: "I’m allergic to dust mites, fine dust and various allergens in the air. Before using it, almost every morning, the first thing that happened to me immediately after I woke up is sneezing. (I had that my entire life.) After I started using it, it solved my problem. As a person that has been bothered by allergies my entire life, this purifier works for me."


The Best Purifier With A Built-In UV Sanitizer: Germ Guardian

Besides using a HEPA filter to reduce dust mites, pollen, dander, and mold spores by up to 99.97%, this sanitizing air purifier also help eliminate airborne germs with the help of a built-in UV-C light, making it the perfect companion when cold season comes around. Plus, this pick also boasts a charcoal filter to neutralize odors, so it's great for keeping kitchens, bathrooms, and nurseries smelling fresh.

Taking up minimal floor space, the slim-profile purifier operates on five speeds and features an eight-hour timer, so you can optimize both purifying power and energy usage. You'll have to replace the HEPA filter every six to eight months, but at under $30, the replacement won't break the bank.

And although it's the most affordable option on the list, it's most effective in smaller rooms — up to 167 square feet — so don't expect it to purify larger spaces.

According to a reviewer: "Every morning I was waking up all congested and I didn't know why. I decided to give the Air Purifier a try, and it has made a huge difference in my bedroom, no more allergy congestion in the mornings."


The Best Purifier With A Smart Air Quality Sensor: Winix 5500-2

This air purifier for allergies has a few things going for it: Not only does it cover 360 square feet, it also boasts plasma technology, which acts as a permanent filter to break down odor, allergens, and pollutants, as well as a smart sensor that automatically gauges the air and adjusts the fan between four different settings accordingly.

A pre-filter and true HEPA filter (which needs to be replaced once a year) boost air purification, but — like many purifiers for larger rooms — it's a bit noisy when operating. However, you can put it on auto-sleep mode when the lights get dim, so you can catch some zzz's at night.

Some of its other features include an air quality display, an odor-control carbon filter, a filter replacement indicator, and a remote control.

According to a reviewer: "Works great! I have allergies to cat dander, and we now have two cats, and this thing works wonders! We live in a 1,750 townhouse, and I've had no issues with allergies. I highly recommend this air purifier!"

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