These Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Makers Do Most Of The Work For You — & They're All On Amazon

If you're a coffee aficionado, you may already be aware that pour-over coffee is preferable to a regular drip machine for many. It creates richer flavors and offers you more control over your brew. However, it takes longer and requires more effort — which is why the best automatic pour-over coffee makers are so amazing. They offer pour-over flavor without the hassle of making it by hand.

Keep in mind that automatic coffee makers will never precisely replicate the taste of hand-poured coffee; however, many modern machines get pretty close. This is usually due to four key features that distinguish them from drip machines:

  1. They distribute water over the grinds in wide, even patterns rather than funneling it through a single spot. This is typically achieved via a showerhead-style dripper or other sprinkling feature that simulates manual pouring.
  2. They wet the grinds first, and then allow for a brief pause so they can soak before brewing. This step is commonly known "blooming," during which the coffee grinds release carbon dioxide, resulting in better flavor.
  3. They offer more precise temperature control, typically ranging from 197 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Some of them allow you to measure and control the grinds-to-water ratio.

At the higher price points, you will also find extra features like special heating coils to warm up water quickly, or decalcification sensors to tell you when it's time to clean them.

Below, I've made a list of the best automatic pour-over coffee makers, ordered from most to least expensive (and, with that, the most to least automated). Check it out to find the one that fits your budget and coffee preferences the best.


This Multi-Feature Coffee Maker With A Pour-Over Adapter (And It Makes Cold Brew, Too)

What's great about it: This high-end coffee maker isn't only for pour-over brews — you can use it for six different coffee styles including cold brew and gold cups, too. However, it also features a special adapter kit to attach when you want to mimic the style of pour-over coffee. The kit is made with a silicone shower head and plastic case to create a similar taste, and you can adjust both the water speed and bloom time. It has a thermo-coil heating system that gets it hot fast, and a digital temperature control ranging from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, the stainless steel construction makes it durable and stylish.

What fans say: "This machine is incredible with its versatility; the pour over function has made the smoothest most flavorful cups yet. With the switch of the showerhead and addition to the pour over adapter and your cup - the ability to make pour over coffee for slightly more effort than drip coffee is a feature I never knew I needed."


This High-End Stainless Steel Option With A Handy Decalcification Sensor

What's great about it: This automatic coffee maker is specifically designed to imitate the taste of pour-over coffee. It features a mode called "pre-soak" which wets the grinds for 20 seconds and then pauses for 30 seconds, allowing them to bloom. After that, the showerhead-style spout — which is engineered to evenly distribute the water — turns back on and finishes brewing. This coffee maker has an advanced decalcification sensor and an extra-precise heating system that maintains temperatures between 197.6 and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit. It's made with double-walled stainless steel and has a strong, durable design.

What fans say: "This coffee maker is fantastic. It’s not as big as it looks in the pics, and fits just fine on the counter without being imposing. It’s actually pretty classy looking. Coffee quality is amazing. I’m a little shocked how smooth this extraction method works. The pre-soak function truly gives it the quality of a meticulous pour over."


This Basic Coffee Machine That Mimics The Style Of Pour-Over Coffee

What's great about it: This automatic coffee maker heats the water and brews it like a normal drip machine. However, the coffee that comes out mimics the style and taste of pour-over coffee. This is largely due to its flow control feature that allows you to choose between letting it drip right away, or soak first to let the grinds bloom. Like the first two options, it has precise temperature control that keeps the coffee between 197 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, there are measurement markings on the reservoir to monitor your grinds-to-water ratio — and it's detachable for easy cleaning.

What fans say: "This product is great for its price. It gives you a quality brew for an affordable price. The different using this machine versus a regular drip coffee maker is extremely noticeable. Well worth it if you’re looking for an automatic pour over but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars."


This Manual Filter With An Automated Scale For The Perfect Water-To-Grinds Ratio

What's great about it: This semi-automatic pour-over coffee maker doesn't have a button you can press and then walk away. However, it does have an integrated scale with a setting that allows you to get a proper grinds-to-water ratio. While not fully automatic, this makes the process smoother and more convenient than a standard pour-over. Note, however, that batteries power the scale, but they don't heat the water — you do that part yourself. For just over $30, it's a thrifty way to upgrade from the typical manual pour-over.

What fans say: "Love this coffee machine!! Makes such good coffee and so easy to use. Love waking up to my fresh cup everyday."

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