This Spa-Worthy Bath Pillow Has Over 2,000 Glowing Amazon Reviews — & It’s Honestly Life-Changing


Making your tub comfortable can turn bathing into a spa-worthy experience — but there are a few things to look out for while choosing the best bath pillow for your space. Bath pillows come in different shapes and sizes, depending on which areas they're meant to cushion. Some are extra-long with extended padding to comfort your entire body, while others are more compact and meant to support your head, neck, and shoulders. Most pillows also use suction cups to stay in place and are lined with ventilated material for easy drying.

In fact, lining is essential when it comes to bath pillows. Since part of your cushion will be exposed to bath water, you'll want something that's waterproof or ventilated enough that it'll dry quickly. That way, you won't have to worry about mildew building up from confined dampness. Many pillows even include built-in hanging hooks so you can dry them over your bathroom door.

Comfort is just as essential. While most single-cushion pillows are made to support one area of your body (depending on where you place it), other luxurious options are made to line your bathtub like a carpet. There are also inflatable pillows that take up hardly any room at — especially when you aren't using them. They're just as cozy, though. For instance, the inflatable option listed here is covered in soft, absorbent terry cloth.

To make the most of relaxing at home, the best bath pillows can help. Check out these high-quality picks before your next soak.

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The Overall Best: This Waterproof Pillow With Over 2,000 Glowing Reviews

Not only does it have more than 2,000 positive Amazon reviews, but this bath pillow also features 2 inches of extra-thick padding for maximum comfort. The orthopedic two-panel design helps keep your head, shoulders, and neck supported during your soak — and it's designed to fit tubs of all shapes and sizes. While the vinyl cover might not be as comfortable against your skin as terry cloth, it makes up for it by being 100% waterproof. Plus, it uses seven durable suction cups to stay in place. To wash it, just wipe it down.

According to fans: "The silicone cups stick until you want to take them off and requiring little effort to pull up on the tabs. The pillow is firm but comfy and makes laying your head down on the corner of the tub superior to laying a towel down or simply putting your head on the hard bath tub corners."


The Best Inflatable Bath Pillow That's Lined With Terry Cloth

If your bathroom is on the smaller side (or if you're lacking storage space), an inflatable bath pillow like this one is a great choice because you can deflate it between baths. Unlike the other pillows featured here, this one is coated in plush terry cloth — but since terry cloth is absorbent, make sure to dry it between uses. This pillow uses four suction cups on the back that allow it to easily adhere to your tub. There are no directions on how to clean this pillow, but some reviewers have had success putting it into the washing machine. At just $7, you can't go wrong.

According to fans: "Exceeds expectations! This terry cloth bath pillow created the luxurious spa-like experience I wanted, but right in my own home. The suction cups made it easy to mount anywhere I needed extra support, be it for my neck, upper back, or lower back. The terry cloth fabric was soft and fantastically comfortable."


A Full-Body Bath Pillow That Lines Your Tub

When your joints ache after a long day, a full-body bath pillow like this one can help keep you comfortable as you relax in the tub. The top pillow supports your head and neck while the wave-like stitching below it eases your sore joints and muscles. Plus, the extra-long length means that your tailbone and spine will also be supported in the tub. This one uses 13 suction cups that run the length of the cushion — and while it isn't labeled as waterproof, the 3-D ventilated design means it dries quickly. There's even a built-in loop so you can hang it dry when you're done. To make it even better, this cushion is machine washable.

According to fans: "I have whiplash and the pillow provides nice support for my neck, and the deluxe model mat provides cushion for my aching back. In addition, I usually slide down into the tub because I’m short. The pillow and mat provide the support so that doesn’t happen. I have a semi-porous finish on my tub, so it’s very hard to find a pillow that will adhere to that surface. But, this one has extra large and many suction cups, holding the mat in place.”


A Spa-Worthy Pillow That Comes With 4 Bath Fizzies

Your bathroom may not look like a real spa, but you can still get a similar experience with this bath pillow. This one uses a 3-D ventilated mesh design that allows for increased airflow and quick drying. It boasts side wings below the pillow itself which provide more support for your upper body. This pillow uses six suction cups to remain planted on your tub wall, and you can use the included hanging hook to air it out between uses. Bonus: It even comes with four essential oil-infused bath fizzes in lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, and rose. This pillow is also machine washable.

According to fans: "This pillow is so comfortable. It’s very plush and stays in place! It’s also very easy to un-suck and move if needed. The bath bombs were also so lovely, much bigger than I thought! Great quality."