These Battery-Heated Socks Will Literally Change The Way You Winter

You can wear the warmest coat in the world, but when the temperature drops from cold to frigid, your feet feel it first. Since we can't walk around with electric blankets wrapped around our ankles, we have to settle for the next best thing: the best battery-heated socks (yes, these exist).

These aren't just any old warm socks — they're rechargeable, battery-operated socks that literally heat up, and they come in a variety of price points and boast different features — some even include a remote control. Most have discreet batteries that are hidden within the socks, and all are machine-washable and dry fairly quickly. The socks on this list also offer different temperature settings, so you can adjust the heat levels according to the environment and weather around you.

You won't have to worry about overheating, either. The TK pairs of socks, below, are designed with moisture-wicking fabrics that are thin and breathable. They're comfortable and supportive, too, with features like padded heels and reinforced toes.

Whether you simply want to keep your feet warm in a cold office or prevent them from totally freezing while you're playing an outdoor sport, these four battery-heated socks are among the best you'll find.

Rechargeable Heated Socks With Three Temperature Settings And Supportive Padding In The Heels And Toes

There are freezing cold days when you want super toasty feet and chilly, not-as-brutal days when you need a little less heat. These rechargeable battery-heated socks have three temperature settings — low, medium, and high — with a minimum of three hours and a maximum of six and a half hours of run time. Even without the heating element, they're incredibly supportive and comfortable, with a reinforced padded heel and toe and breathable, moisture-wicking materials. Wear them when you're out without worrying about shock if you get them a little wet on a rainy day.

Electric Fleece Socks With A Discreet Battery Pouch That Produce Heat That's Concentrated In The Toes

These electric battery-operated heated socks have a one-size-fits-most thermal elastic design made from ultra-warm fleece. A small hidden pouch is located at the top of each sock to house the batteries, so they won't feel cumbersome or look apparent. These socks have a nearly perfect rating with many reviewers saying they like how the heat is concentrated in the toe area (where you need it most) and that, even in 20-degree weather and while wearing them ice fishing (true story), they keep feet "nice and toasty."

A Budget-Friendly Option For Anyone Who Needs Some Extra Support And Has Chronically Cold Feet

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get toasty toes: This pair of electric thermal socks won't break the bank and will warm up your feet in seconds. With a padded reinforced toe and heel and recessed heating that concentrates heat around the toes, these thin, fast-drying socks are ideal for outdoor sports and activities.

Luxury Heated Socks That Produce Up To 11 Hours Of Continuous Heat & Come With A Remote Control

These luxury battery powered knee socks are one of the most comfortable pairs you'll find, but they're also more convenient to own than others. A separate remote control can be used anywhere to adjust the heat temperature without requiring you to dig around in your socks for a switch. These socks can work as long as 11 hours, which will power you well through the day, and are soft and snug (especially around the calves — reviewers say they stay up with no problem). The wires are sewn into the fabric and, like the discreet fabric battery pack, are not noticeable.

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