If You're Sick Of The Radio, Update Your Stereo With These Bluetooth Adaptors

By Emily Estep

These days, most new cars have built-in Bluetooth technology, but just because you're not driving a new car straight off the lot it doesn't mean you can't stream music or take hands-free phone calls via Bluetooth (unless of course taking hands-free calls is illegal in your state). The best Bluetooth car adaptors sync with your phone to deliver clear audio, and in some cases even onboard controls.

Bluetooth kits for your car stereo come in many shapes and sizes. While some connect to your car's radio via FM frequencies, others pop right into your AUX input. Additionally, many Bluetooth adaptors are designed specially for phone calls while others are made for streaming music — not to mention the various add-on features like LCD screens and onboard or voice-activated controls.

When looking into Bluetooth adaptors for your car, be sure to consider what you will use yours. For example, if you plan to take advantage of the hands-free calling technology, you'll want to choose a Bluetooth kit that has a high-quality, noise-canceling microphone. It's also important to consider how your kit will connect to your car's stereo. If you don't have an AUX-in, you'll need an FM transmitter. On the other hand, if you live in a big city where open FM frequencies are scarce, connecting via an AUX input is a must.

These popular Bluetooth car adaptors cover all the bases, deliver consistent quality, and have the reviews to back them up.


The Best AUX Adaptor: The Most Reliable Option For Streaming Music

Bluetooth kits that use the AUX input to connect to your car's stereo not only provide the most reliable connection but they also typically have the best sound quality. This kit specifically brings the added benefit of being from Belkin, one of the most reliable and trusted brands in smartphone accessories — and it has more than 1,500 positive Amazon reviews to back it up. The Bluetooth receiver attaches to your dashboard via a magnet and adhesive and features a ring light that flashes when you receive an incoming call as well as a single button to answer the phone. After connecting your phone for the first time, you can automatically reconnect by pressing the AirCast Auto button, even if your phone is still in your bag. This adaptor is powered by a 12-volt plug but features a USB port so you can still charge your phone while you drive.


The Best FM Adapter: An Amazon-Favorite That Has Tons Of Onboard Features

Nearly 10,000 Amazon users are raving about this FM Bluetooth car adaptor thanks in part to its robust onboard controls. Its 2-inch LCD display gives you info on what song you're playing in addition to listing the phone numbers of incoming calls. It also has a volume knob as well as previous- and next-song buttons as well as features a built-in USB charging port and a TF card slot. The microphone even boasts advanced interference- and noise-canceling technology for crystal clear sound. Although this is an all-around great adaptor, especially for anyone without an AUX-in, FM transmitters are not as reliable in big cities where finding free FM frequencies can be difficult.


The Best For Making Calls: A Bluetooth Speakerphone That Attaches To Your Sun Visor

If the ability to make crystal clear phone calls from your car is your number one concern when it comes Bluetooth adaptors, this Bluetooth speakerphone is worth the extra money. It uses both microphone noise cancellation and echo-control settings to block out background noise for superior phone call quality. It connects to your visor and automatically turns on and off whenever you and your paired cell phone get in and get out of the car.


A Great Basic Option: A Tiny Adaptor That You Can Use In Your Car Or At Home

This tiny Bluetooth receiver plugs into your AUX-in— which not only means great, reliable sound quality, but it also means it can be plugged into wired headphones or older speakers for a Bluetooth update. Although its features are minimal, it does have a mic and can stream music or calls for more than ten hours on one charge.

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