These Extra Gentle Body Washes Are So Clutch For People With Sensitive Skin

by C Mandler

When you have sensitive skin, finding products that won't irritate existing conditions, make you break out in hives, or dry you out even further can be a struggle. Body washes are no exception, and as someone with sensitive skin, I know just how important it is to find the right hydrating, soothing formula for long, high-temp winter showers and post-gym cool downs alike. So, whether you're bacne-prone, in need of something moisturizing, or seeking relief from a pesky eczema flare-up, you're sure to find one of the best body washes for sensitive skin, just ahead.

When searching for a body wash for sensitive skin, it's important to pick a formula that's fragrance-free (fragrances can aggravate sensitive skin and are totally unnecessary when it comes to upholding the product's integrity). It's also good to look for something that contains soothing ingredients that'll help repair the skin's protective barrier and protect against undue dryness in the face of harsh environmental factors. Additionally, the most expensive option on this list is just under $16 — and that's for a whopping 32 ounces of product — because an everyday body wash shouldn't require blowing through your bank account.

Check out four great, gentle options, below.


The All-Around Best Body Wash For Sensitive Skin

This body wash from Aveeno is my top pick for sensitive-skinned folks because whether you're dry, scaly, peely, or achy, it will provide relief for all your ailments and then some. Made with the brand's hero ingredient, oatmeal, to soothe even the pickiest of skin types, this product is so rich that you can even use it as a shaving cream. It's dermatologist-recommended and formulated without any added fragrance, dyes, or soaps, so it won't flare up any preexisting skin conditions. It's also hypoallergenic and formulated with glycerin — a popular humectant — to help retain moisture, making it suitable for sensitive skin that's also prone to dryness. Plus, none of the ingredients in this product are comedogenic, so if you're worried about body acne, you can trust that this body wash won't break you out further, but will provided some much-needed calming relief instead.


The Best Body Wash For Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin (And My Personal Favorite)

This unscented formula from Dr. Bronner's is technically marketed towards babies, which is how you know it's made without the potentially irritating ingredients that are sometimes found in adult-centric products. USDA-Certified Organic and formulated with jojoba, olive, and coconut oils, this product is amazing at moisturizing dry skin. In my personal experience with this formula, I appreciated that it left my skin moisturized without causing my body acne to flare up. As I mentioned earlier, this may be the most expensive option on the list, but because Dr. Bronner's is so saturated, you only need to dilute a couple drops with water to produce enough of a lather to cover your whole torso.


The Best Body Wash For Very Dry Sensitive Skin

This body wash from Dove is formulated for very dry skin, providing effective and long-lasting moisture from hydrating ingredients like sunflower oil and glycerin. The 100 percent hypoallergenic formula is made without fragrance and soap, which can be irritating to some, and was tested by dermatologists to make sure it's safe for most sensitive skin types. It's suitable for folks looking for relief from itchy skin conditions like psoriasis, too, and with nearly dozens of Amazon reviewers rating this product a perfect five stars, you can trust that it'll be the hydrating, calming, and soothing body wash you've been searching for.


The Best Body Wash For Eczema-Prone Sensitive Skin

Stamped with a seal of approval from the National Eczema Association, this body wash from CeraVe is made for folks struggling with the dry, itchy, red skin patches eczema leaves all over the body during flare-ups. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight, but with ceramides that are specifically formulated to help restore the skin's natural moisture barrier, plus hyaluronic acid — a holy grail hydrating ingredient — you can trust that this product will provide relief from your current skin irritation while simultaneously protecting against future episodes. This formula is free of fragrance, parabens, sulfates, soap, and comedogenic ingredients that could aggravate acne, eczema, or psoriasis, making this body wash suitable for literally all skin types.

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