The 4 Best Bread Boxes


I'll be honest with you: I never thought I needed a bread box. After all, I had a pantry big enough for a few loaves, so why pay for another kitchen device that would just take up space? But after using one, I can say the best bread boxes are definitely worth the investment.

As a good rule of thumb, any bread box is only as great as its seal. No matter which design you buy, a tight seal is a must to keep out pests and insects. It also helps your bread and pastries stay fresh for way longer, something I can attest to after trying out a stainless steel bread box for myself.

If you're sure your bread box has a great sealing system, the rest is all about aesthetics and convenience. For example, if you tend to trend toward wooden trim and furniture, a bamboo bread box may fit your style better than a sleek, stainless steel option. You'll also want to consider how much bread you tend to go through in a week and purchase accordingly. A great multi-level bread box works perfect for storing a variety of loaves without squishing the bread.

Here's a round-up of some of the best bread boxes out there to get you started.