The 4 Best Bread Boxes

by Andrea Hannah

I'll be honest with you: I never thought I needed a bread box. After all, I had a pantry big enough for a few loaves, so why pay for another kitchen device that would just take up space? But after using one, I can say the best bread boxes are definitely worth the investment.

As a good rule of thumb, any bread box is only as great as its seal. No matter which design you buy, a tight seal is a must to keep out pests and insects. It also helps your bread and pastries stay fresh for way longer, something I can attest to after trying out a stainless steel bread box for myself.

If you're sure your bread box has a great sealing system, the rest is all about aesthetics and convenience. For example, if you tend to trend toward wooden trim and furniture, a bamboo bread box may fit your style better than a sleek, stainless steel option. You'll also want to consider how much bread you tend to go through in a week and purchase accordingly. A great multi-level bread box works perfect for storing a variety of loaves without squishing the bread.

Here's a round-up of some of the best bread boxes out there to get you started.


The Best Stainless Steel Option

If your kitchen appliances have a modern aesthetic, this stainless steel bread box by Home-It will fit right in your kitchen. At only 16 inches long, this bread box will fit on just about any counter without taking up much space. The inside, however, is over 10 inches wide and extremely roomy — it can easily fit a large loaf of bread and a few extra baked goods. Plus, the roll top gently glides open and closed and seals tightly at the bottom to keep your bread fresh.

What fans say: "Our bread has been hanging out on the counter and shoved in the pantry just too long and it was time to get a bread box that neatly hid the bread and also kept it in one place. So I took the plunge and of course ordered it from Amazon. I love the look, simple, classy and goes with a lot! I recommend this!"


The Best Natural Wood Option

If you love the traditional look of wood, this bamboo bread box hits all the right marks. The bamboo frame is extremely lightweight so it's easy to shift around your kitchen. And while this bread box is about 16 inches long (like most standard options), you can get it in either one- or two-layer options so you can store even more bread, bagels, and muffins. While the roll top design of this bread box does make it a little more difficult to fit into some spaces, it has a built-in flat top so you can stack small baskets of pastries or jams and preserves on top.

What fans say: "I love the look of the bamboo. The size is great and can easily accommodate 2 loaves of homemade bread from our bread machine with some room to spare because of the two shelves. Assembly was easy as well."


The Best Painted Option

Made from stainless steel and painted in eye-popping pastels, this bread box will add a fresh look to just about any kitchen. Plus, it's over 16 inches long so you can easily store homemade bread, bagels, or even an extra long baguette. With the hinged lid, it's super easy to snap shut, and the clear little window at the top allows you to check in on your baked good to see if they're still fresh. It's also designed with tiny holes that serve as vents so your bread can breathe without becoming stale.

What fans say: "The vent holes that let out any steam from the hot fresh bread are very small and pretty hidden so they do not detract from the appearance of the breadbox. The lid seals well and is tight but opens easily. The boxes are very lightweight and easy to move around my kitchen counter."


The Best For Multiple Loaves

Not only is this extra-large bread box by Brabantia extremely durable, it also has one of the best seals on the market. Once you close the front-loading door, the discreet magnetic closure seals this box up tight to keep your bread ultra soft and fresh. This option can fit up to two large loaves of bread with space to spare, and the flat-top design allows you to place canisters, car keys, or small baskets on it to free up even more counter space. Even better: The brushed stainless steel won't smudge so you don't have to constantly wipe the door every time you open it.

What fans say: "Nothing gets caught up in the door and plenty of room for multiple bags of bread, rolls, etc. As a long time owner of a Brabantia garbage can, I knew that I would be pleased."

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