4 Weirdly Satisfying Tools For Removing Your Stubborn Calluses

Depending on your lifestyle, having callused feet might actually be beneficial. But many of us, especially during sandal season, prefer smooth heels. This is where the best callus removers come into play — tools that'll soften your feet and make you less shy to go barefoot.

Calluses (not to be confused with dry skin) are caused by repeated friction, pressure, or genetics, which can lead to a layer of skin becoming thick and tough. Instead of going for weekly pedicures, callus removers offer a more affordable (and less time-consuming) way to chafe away hardened tissue.

There's a lot of different options to treat callused feet: buffers, pumice stones, and powerful electric motors, to name a few. There's also a fine line between a tool that doesn't remove enough skin, and one that removes too much —especially since calluses can be a good thing, particularly for runners. This hardened tissue forms to protect the tender skin from the weight of your body against the ground or friction from your shoes. Tools that are too aggressive will remove that protective layer and make skin more prone to sensitivity, which can cause the calluses to grow back thicker. Of course, the flip side of this conundrum is an ineffective tool: when calluses become extremely thick, the skin breaks, exposing the body to infection and discomfort.

Try not to let calluses get you down, though. Think of them as a sign of life — a reminder that your body is alive and working hard to keep you protected. Plus, they can be easily treated with one of these highly effective callus removers.

Best Overall: A Top-Rated Electric Callus Remover With Two Functions For Different Types Of Skin

Care Me Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover, $24, Amazon

With a near five-star rating and nearly 2,000 positive reviews, you can be sure that this electric callus remover delivers long-lasting spa-like results to tough, callused feet. Designed with a powerful motor that spins 40 times per second, it's a great way to instantly remove dead skin and treat cracked heels. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that runs continuously for almost an hour, but you won't need to use it that long as it works quite rapidly. Each order comes with two rollers: one for coarse skin, and another for super-coarse.

Most Hi-Tech: An Electric & Manual Callus Shaver Combo With Antibacterial UV Light

QQCute Electric Callus Remover With Stainless Steel Blade, $16, Amazon

Powerful, quick, and effective, this electric callus shaver gently removes the deep of dead skin on your hardworking feet. It offers two different speeds and features an antibacterial UV light that helps ward off infections. Designed with a stainless steel blade to effectively remove even the most stubborn of calluses, it comes with three different heads: a massage roller, coarse roller, and close-grained roller. Every order also includes a manual remover to use post-shower when the skin has softened or for less severe calluses. Also included is a rechargeable battery that runs continuously for up to 40 minutes and can be charged up to 1000 times in its lifetime.

Most Eco-Friendly: An All-Natural Pumice Stone That Uses Lava To Exfoliate

Zendu Naturals Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone, $8, Amazon

Gently remove calluses with ease by using this lava pumice stone; unlike other similar versions, this one is made from naturally occurring lava stones that have superior exfoliating power and are free of synthetic ingredients that can deplete moisture or irritate the skin. This stone will only remove the tissue you don’t need, leaving just the necessary layer of protective skin behind. This is a great, eco-friendly option for runners or people that are naturally prone to calluses.

Most Satisfying: A Heavenly Foot Mask That Sheds Dead Skin To Reveal Baby Soft Feet

Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Peeling Mask, $13-$40, Amazon

Don’t doubt the efficacy of removing calluses with a powerful foot mask — this one is made from vegetable and leaf extracts that bring long-lasting moisture to coarse, dead skin. Formulated with antibacterial ingredients that keep the affected area clean and supple, each mask can be adjusted to fit your size. They can be conveniently worn underneath socks if you so wish, or simply wear them alone. Though they can take up to two weeks to work, it usually only takes a few days for all the skin to shed, revealing soft, supple feet. This is a lovely peel for people with mild calluses or who are just beginning to see them develop. Choose from packs of one, two, three, or four and six different scents: lemon, peach, lavender, coconut, original, and rose.

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