The 4 Best Callus Removers

Depending on your lifestyle, having callused feet might actually be beneficial. But many of us, especially during sandal season, prefer smooth heels. This is where the best callus removers come into play — tools that'll soften your feet and make you less shy to go barefoot.

Calluses (not to be confused with dry skin) are caused by repeated friction, pressure, or genetics, which can lead to a layer of skin becoming thick and tough. Instead of going for weekly pedicures, callus removers offer a more affordable (and less time-consuming) way to chafe away hardened tissue.

There's a lot of different options to treat callused feet: buffers, pumice stones, and powerful electric motors, to name a few. There's also a fine line between a tool that doesn't remove enough skin, and one that removes too much —especially since calluses can be a good thing, particularly for runners. This hardened tissue forms to protect the tender skin from the weight of your body against the ground or friction from your shoes. Tools that are too aggressive will remove that protective layer and make skin more prone to sensitivity, which can cause the calluses to grow back thicker. Of course, the flip side of this conundrum is an ineffective tool: when calluses become extremely thick, the skin breaks, exposing the body to infection and discomfort.

Try not to let calluses get you down, though. Think of them as a sign of life — a reminder that your body is alive and working hard to keep you protected. Plus, they can be easily treated with one of these highly effective callus removers.