This Brilliantly Simple Car Accessory Fills The Gap Between Your Seats — & Reviewers are OBSESSED


Filling up the open space in between your car seat and the center console can make dropping a wayward french fry or other small objects way less frustrating — but there are a few things to look out for while choosing one of these handy automotive accessories. The best car seat gap fillers are easy to install and made to universally fit inside most vehicles (on the driver or passenger's side), but their designs will differ depending on your needs.

For the most streamlined solution, look for an option that can be squished right through the crack, giving you a smooth — and nearly invisible — surface from the seat to the console. Fillers with deep open-top pockets that tuck down snuggly in the gap will also give you a place to keep smaller objects like keys and sunglasses. And to practically double your console's storage, a model with a slender base and a wider compartment on top can provide extras like cup holders, a tray for your phone, or even convenient USB ports.

Now that you're ready to save your hands from reaching down into that Bermuda triangle next to your car seat for good, keep scrolling to shop some of the best car gap fillers you can find on Amazon.

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The Cult-Favorite: A Streamlined Gap Filler With Shark Tank Cred

Though it's extremely simple in its construction, the Shark Tank-featured Drop Stop has earned more than 5,000 glowing five-star reviews on Amazon proving that it's the best gap filler to turn to when you need it to do its job and nothing more (there are no extra features like organizational pockets or slots). The most outstanding feature is its patented design, which comes with a hole that lets it slip over your seatbelt catch, giving it the most guaranteed gap coverage of any model on this list.

To install it, the creators advise to put your seat all the way back as flat as it will go. Then, put the device over the seatbelt and push it all the way down until it cant go any further. Finally pull the loose side tight and keep pushing it down. Voila, that's all it takes!

Each package includes two Drop Stops, which are made from a squishy neoprene casing that helps them contract or expand to whatever size gap you have. They are only available in black, but several Amazon fans have pointed out this makes them virtually unnoticeable in any car's interior.


The Best Gap Filler & Storage Pocket In One

Feel like you never have enough secure slots in your car? The Lusso Gear Gap Organizer is here to fix that. It's made of faux leather and will slide snugly into the gap of your seats. Use the slim pockets to keep all of your smallest items — loose change, charger cords, sunglasses, you name it. Each pack comes with two organizers and you can pick between five neutral colors. The faux leather material is water-resistant and will easily wipe clean.

This pick is universally sized, though the manufacturer recommends that the gap in your car be between 0.9 and 2 inches for the most optimal fit, but it will still work for 0.5-inches of space, too. To install, you'll simply slide it straight down between your seat and the console. If you find there's any extra room, you can use any of the included four foam "wedges" as spacers on the sizes of the organizer (to adjust the snugness) or to create compartments within the pockets.


The Most Versatile: A Gap Filler With An Organizer & A Cup Holder

For a more versatile option, reach for the Inovare Design Car Seat Gap Filler. It comes with a cup holder that fits most small cups and cans, so you have the option there when you need it. You'll get two units and velcro strips to help lock the organizers in place after installation. It's made of black PU leather that is sleek enough to match most interiors, but for an even more fun option, you can also get these fillers in bright red. This is the priciest pick on this list, but inside the box, you'll find some bonus car accessories like four car hooks that you can use to hand things like grocery bags and purses behind your headrest.

Keep in mind that for the optimal fit of the filler, the manufacturer has outlined two key requirements: the center console should be higher than seat level and there should not be a hand break directly next to the seat (otherwise you may only be able to use one container on the other side).


The Most Tech-Friendly: A Gap Filler With Two USB Ports

This pick by Oneuda will not only keep your phone from dropping into the deep cavern of your seat gap, but it will also keep it within safe reach even when it's plugged in to charge. Yes, there are two clever USB ports right on top, which get their charging power thanks to an included cord hidden underneath the unit that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. There's also a handy coin box to drop loose change into and inside the rectangular pocket, you'll find a slim slot designed for keeping credit cards or business cards from getting lost.

It comes in either black or beige and is made of plastic. The bottom portion, however, is lined with soft foam, which will help prevent it from slipping and sliding when you press on the breaks. You'll only get one container with each purchase, but it can be used on either the passenger or driver side. Per the manufacturer, it's suitable for gaps that measure between 0.5 to 1 inch. To install, just slide it straight down in the gap until it can't go any further.