From Food To Pets, These Powerful Carpet Spot Cleaners Tackle Your Mess With Ease

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If you have carpeting or area rugs in your home, a reliable carpet cleaner is a must-have for tackling stains like dirt, red wine or other food spills, and general messes caused by pets and more. The best carpet spot cleaners can clean, deodorize, and remove stubborn stains at the same time.

When choosing a carpet spot cleaner, first consider what type of fabric needs cleaning. While all of the cleaners on this list are suitable for most carpets and area rugs, be sure to first check instructions on how to properly use them. It's also a good idea to test it on a discreet area to make sure it won’t damage the colors or material. Some of these picks also double as upholstery cleaners.

Products specifically designed to target pet stains also work to remove difficult odors and prevent pets from soiling the same area again. For those with chemical sensitivities and allergies, an eco-friendly carpet cleaner is a good choice. They typically use plant-based enzymes, which are effective at removing stains without harsh chemicals. The eco-friendly cleaner on this list also works on laundry. For well-traveled areas like hallways and area rugs, using a high-traffic carpet foam before vacuuming can help get the job done and remove more dirt and pet hair than vacuuming alone.

With those factors in mind, these are the best carpet spot cleaners to help you tidy up your home in no time.


The Best Overall Carpet Spot Cleaner

This is one of the best-selling carpet cleaners on Amazon, and it's easy to see why. It's a versatile cleaner and deodorizer that can remove pet stains, red wine, coffee, blood, grease, and more. This cleaner is great for tackling both new and old stains, and it's suitable for most carpets, rugs, and fabric types. No rubbing, scrubbing, or vacuuming is required after spraying the area.

It also boasts a 4.4-star rating and rave reviews from Amazon customers. "This is the BEST cleaner I've ever found for removing carpet stains and odors -- even the color and odor of a red wine that I'd spilled on one of my carpets were gone in seconds after I used this product," wrote one fan.


The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaner That Also Works On Laundry

This product's plant-based enzymes safely remove stains from carpets and floor mats — as well as clothing, linens, silk, cloth diapers, car seats, and other washable fabrics. It can be used to naturally freshen fabrics and remove dirt, pet stains, tomato sauce, blood, oil, and more. Best of all, it contains no harsh chemicals, animal by-products, or petroleum-based ingredients.

Amazon reviewers have given it a 4.4-star rating. “I am so grateful & impressed that they were able to come up with such an effective natural stain remover that works amazingly well for all kinds of tough stains," commented one happy fan.


The Best For Pet Stains

This pet stain cleaner begins working in 30 seconds to remove stains with the power of oxygen as well as tracked-in dirt, grass, mud, blood, and more. Plus, it eliminates pet odors and discourages pets from soiling the same spot. The fast-acting spray is good for carpets, but also upholstery, rugs, and car interiors, too.

Judging from its 4.7-star rating, pet owners love this product. One reviewer who rescued pets for years noted: “The first time I used it, I could actually see the spot disappearing! It also has a very nice scent - not overpowering and sweet - refreshing. It also took out the urine scent after pretreating and cleaning. That makes this a ten star product!”


The Best Foam-Style Cleaner

This high-traffic carpet foam contains a special conditioning ingredient to clean, freshen, and soften busy areas of your home like hallways, area rugs, stairs, and more. It removes three times more dirt and pet hair than vacuuming alone, and its powerful Odor Stop Technology helps eliminate difficult pet odors. And while it removes stains when applied, it also helps prevent dirt buildup in the future. The foam is safe to use on wool, nylon, and stain-resistant carpet.

Though it’s targeted at pet owners and has benefits like making pet hair easier to remove, customers found this cleaner also works on other stains including coffee and wine. One fan wrote: “It just DISAPPEARED a huge stain of old spilled coffee!! … I’ll never be without it again. Nice fresh smell too!"

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