4 Cheap Soda Makers That You Actually Need Right Now If You're Obsessed With Seltzer

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If you’ve ever had to lug a couple of 12-packs of soda out of a store and into your home, then you know that the struggle can be all too real. However, the best cheap soda makers can take some of the load off, allowing you to make your favorite drinks at home while saving money on expensive sodas and reducing unnecessary waste. The whole soda-making process is pretty simple, too; the machine injects carbon dioxide (usually via a CO2 cylinder) into water to make that crave-worthy fizz.

When picking out a soda maker, pay attention to the size of the carbon dioxide tank that is needed. Most standard machines take 60-liter cylinders, which are easy to get your hands on. But if you’re worried about ever running out of CO2, SodaStream offers an easy cylinder exchange program. Siphon bottles typically require much smaller single-use cartridges.

If you are looking for the cheapest option overall, then a siphon is probably going to be your best bet. However, it you’re seeking an actual soda maker machine, you will most likely pay more. Machines that are totally automated (aka they basically just require the click of a single button in order to work), are going to be the most expensive but easiest-to-use option.

It’s worth noting that SodaStream really dominates the soda maker market. But it’s for good reason, since the brand makes reliable machines that craft tasty drinks. However, if you are interested in other picks, I even found a machine that allows you to carbonate any drink you please, not just water (which is a total no-no from SodaStream).

Get your soda fix for less, thanks to these four budget-friendly, yet highly-rated soda makers on Amazon, all of them $100 or less.


The Best Overall Cheap Soda Maker

This soda maker from SodaStream allows you to make delicious sparkling water with essentially one click of a button; select a low, medium, or high amount of carbonation, and sit back and relax as the machine does all of the work. Since the machine is in control, there is no fear of over- or under-carbonation (aka you end up with a perfect drink each time). You can even try adding flavoring for an extra-tasty treat.

This kit includes everything that you need to start making soda immediately, including the machine, a 60-liter CO2 cylinder, and a 1-liter BPA-free carbonating bottle (and if you need extras, this pick is compatible with all SodaStream carbonation bottles). The machine runs on electricity, so just make sure that you have a power outlet nearby.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “How did I live without a soda stream? Love the ease of use and the ability to make exactly the flavor I want (like mango peach yum) and the amount of carbonation I like. Going crazy with my own [recipes] now.”


A Budget-Friendly Pick That Requires A Little More Work

If you’d rather have more control over the soda-making process, then this pick from SodaStream is your best bet. The soda maker does not run on electricity, but instead lets you control the whole carbonation process by pressing down on the top button in two-second increments one to three times, depending on how bubbly you want your water. Plus, this soda maker is less than $70, compared to the first pick, which costs nearly $100.

This set has everything needed to make soda right away including the soda maker machine, a 60-liter CO2 cylinder, and 1-liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. Plus, it's compatible with all SodaStream carbonation bottles and SodaStream flavors.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “After buying cases of bottled seltzer water at a big box store for years, we decided to give this a try. It works really well. Supplies are readily available all over. No more plastic bottles going to the landfill.”


A Machine That Allows You To Carbonate Any Drink

Carbonated water? Check. Carbonated juice? Check. Carbonated wine? Sure, why not. Make any beverage a carbonated one, thanks to this soda maker from DrinkMate. Heck, you can even bring flat soda or beer back to life… It’s totally up to you.

The machine does not operate on electricity, but instead requires a little work from you: Repeatedly press the button until you hear a hiss that signals you’ve carbonated your beverage. It’s nice to have total control over carbonation levels, although you're likely to notice a learning curve. This pick uses standard 60-liter CO2 cylinders and comes with a small 10-liter cylinder to get you started. Choose from three colors: white, black, or red.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “I bought my Drinkmate about 2 weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it!!! You can make any drink carbonated and can add as little or as much carbonation as you like! [...]. I have friends that own other brands and I prefer the versatility and the style of the Drinkmate over the others.”


The Best Soda Siphon

This 1-quart soda siphon from iSi allows you to quickly make delicious soda using just water and CO2 chargers (which are sold separately, so don't forget to buy them, too). The sleek pick is made of stainless steel and has a nonslip silicone grip for added ease. This siphon also has a couple of key safety features that are worth a mention, including a measuring tube to prevent overfilling and a pressure control valve. And can we talk about that price? At under $60, this is certainly the cheapest way to make and enjoy soda from the comfort of your own home. This siphon comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “A high quality product, use it correctly and you'll never have to lug bottles of seltzer into your house again. Fill the bottle to the top with very cold water, screw the top down nice and snug, crack the co2 cartridge with one quick motion, shake a lot, remove cartridge, put in the fridge for awhile, and you'll have a liter of perfect seltzer.”


Also Great: A Mix To Create Extra-Tasty Drinks

Jazz up your plain fizzy water with these drink mixes from SodaStream. The mixes come in a bunch of different flavors (including ginger ale, lemon lime, orange, and even root beer) and can easily transform H20 into a super delicious drink with less sugar and sweeteners than leading store-bought drinks. Each container makes 36 servings (9 liters).

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “Great flavors. The diet cola is my personal favorite. The best part is you can adapt the taste to your liking.”

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