The 4 Best Containers For Sourdough Starter

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Making your own sourdough starter is as simple as combining water and flour and waiting for the naturally occurring yeast in the air to collect. Sourdough starter made with wild yeast results in flavorful loaves, and it's easy to make and maintain in the right container. Therefore, it's important to consider a few factors before selecting the best container for sourdough starter — but a clear, cylindrical canister with a wide opening is ideal.

Having a transparent container makes it easy to see when your starter has doubled in size, which is an important sign that it's ready to be used. You'll also want to make sure your container has a wide mouth that's easy scoop from, but one that can be loosely covered so the concoction can breath throughout the starting process.

Most containers for sourdough starter are made from two materials: plastic or glass.

That's not all, though. Some bakers also use crocks made of stoneware for sourdough starter — but those are harder to keep track of since you can't see exactly what's happening inside them.

Now, go ahead and look through the following containers and decide which ones will work best for your sourdough starter (and kitchen).

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The Best Plastic Container

Complete with wide openings for easy scooping, these 32-ounce plastic containers are perfect for growing sourdough starter and maintaining it. Each one is made with clear food-grade, BPA-free plastic. They also come with removable airtight lids that you can replace with lighter coverings, such as cloth, while you're growing your starter. And as an added bonus, these containers come with labels that you can utilize when you're ready to reuse them.

What fans write: "Exactly what I was looking for! Durable, clear plastic. Quality product and timely delivery!"


The Best Glass Container

These gallon-size glass jars are perfect for large sourdough starters. The wide mouths make it easy to maneuver your hand around the inside, and they come with airtight plastic lids. However, what sets this pick apart is that it also comes with rubber bands and cloth for while you're growing your starter. You can also use the rubber band to mark your starting spot easily.

What fans say: "I bought these jars from Amazon, and today, day 3 of creating my starter, it’s going perfectly. The second jar will be used to gift my daughter with sourdough starter, along with a couple recipes."


The Best Stoneware Container

If budget isn't a concern for you, this stoneware crock is a great (and great-looking) choice. Sure, it's not transparent like the rest — but it has its own perks. This opaque container comes with a removable wooden lid, and the interior is glazed so it's easy to scoop your starter out without too much sticking. Plus, the extra-wide opening makes it easy to work with. It holds 1.5 quarts in total, and it's available in seven colors.

What fans write: "Love love love this product. I immediately began make my sourdough starter the day I received it and it is producing the perfect starter. Not to mention just how good it looks sitting on my counter."


Bonus: A Proofing Basket For Your Rising Sourdough

If you've ever wondered how bakeries get their sourdough loaves to look beautifully formed, the answer is a proofing basket like this one. Also called bannetons, these baskets impart their pattern onto your dough as it rises — and they also wick away moisture from the exterior of your dough so that it bakes with a crispy crust. This one is able to hold up to 1.5 pounds of bread, and it comes with a scraper and a proofing cloth liner. Plus, it even comes in an oblong shape.

What fans write: "I have been making sourdough for years and finally made the investment into proofing baskets. I LOVE them. My loaves are much more consistant in size and shape, and the beautiful pattern they leave behind make my loaves into works of art!"