These 4 Cooling Pillows For Side Sleepers Can Help Reduce Night Sweats

It's a well-known fact that sleeping on your side is the most comfortable of all positions (I'm aware of the benefits of sleeping on your back, but that's never going to happen). But sleeping on your side isn't all roses, either — these best cool pillows for side sleepers help tackle some of the most annoying things about falling asleep with half of your face smushed up against a pillow.

For starters, the best pillows for side sleepers should ideally feature a medium-plush loft that is neither too high (hello, neck strain) or too low (which provides zero support for your neck and shoulders). Finding a just-right fit in a pillow made from shredded memory foam or contoured gel is important because it keeps your spine aligned and prevents you from waking up with a tight neck or achy upper back.

And then, of course, some side sleepers must deal with the challenge of not waking up in a pool of your own sweat. Even if you aren't the type who tosses and turns all night, you're probably still aware of how perspiration can accumulate on your pillow, which can clog pores and cause acne. Since getting our six to nine hours of blissful sleep is supposed to make us feel and look more refreshed, one simple solution is to invest in one of the best cooling pillow for side sleepers. A pillow that provides great air flow and temperature regulation will do more for your sleep and skin than a seriously expensive moisturizer.

And so, we come to this list of four high-rated pillows for side sleepers that are all comfortable, supportive, and cooling. Bring one of these pillows into your life so that you can get an even better night's sleep (and don't listen to back-sleeping enthusiasts — it really is the greatest position of all).


A Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With A Zippered Micro-Vented Case

When a pillow like this one boasts something called Kool-Flow technology in its zip-up, removable, micro-vented bamboo pillow cover, you can expect nothing less than the most coziest, coolest night's sleep ever. The pillow itself is perfect for side sleepers because it's crafted from shredded memory foam that never goes flat. It's also hypoallergenic, provides orthopedic support for healthier spine positioning at night, and both the pillow and its case allow for the constant flow and movement of air, so no more sweaty cheeks squished up against it.


A Reversible Pillow With Cooling Gel On One Side And Memory Foam On The Other

Get the best of both temperature-regulating worlds in one pillow: This reversible pillow features cooling gel on one side for hot, humid nights, and memory foam on the other side, for nights when the thermometer isn't registering high, but you still need a breathable, supportive pillow. This medium-plush pillow has a 5-inch loft that's ideal for side sleepers and its memory foam places your neck and shoulders in the perfect position for a comfortable night's sleep. Its hypoallergenic mesh knit cover is machine-washable and allows air to flow in and around the pillow.


A Contoured Cooling Gel Pillow That Provides The Ultimate Support For Your Neck

If you wake up with aches in your neck and feeling like you need another eight hours of sleep to recover from the night before, the culprit might just be an unsupportive pillow. This contoured memory foam pillow is ideal for side sleepers because it conforms to your neck and shoulders and works with your favorite sleeping position, not against it. The addition of two pounds of cooling gel and a moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic pillow cover made with COOLMAX fabric ensures you'll never have a sweaty night's sleep again.


A Hypoallergenic Pillow Made From Shredded Memory Foam With A Removable, Cooling Bamboo Cover

Offered in three sizes (standard, queen, and king), this shredded memory foam pillow cradles your head when you sleep on your side, but props right back up into its original position, never losing its fluff. Sweaty sleepers and anyone who suffers from allergies will find great relief in the removable, cooling bamboo pillow cover, which helps keep allergens like dust mites at bay. Thanks to the fact that it isn't too high or low, your spine will be properly aligned as you sleep, preventing neck strain and aches and pains.

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