The 4 Best Cooling Memory Foam Pillows


Many traditional pillows, though they may be comfortable and even supportive, trap heat. And, with nowhere for that heat to go, they can elevate your body temperature. But the best cooling memory foam pillows offer a whole different kind of pillow experience. They're soft and supportive, retain their shape after hours of sleeping, and keep your head cool throughout the night.

When people talk about memory foam, most assume there's just one type of memory foam — you know, memory foam. But traditional memory foam, though springy and supportive, can actually trap heat in, whereas shredded memory foam allows for better airflow and is a better type to invest in when you're searching for cooling pillows.

Pillows designed with some form of cooling gel memory foam, either all over the pillow or on just one side, are also extremely popular options that stay cool even longer. The gel not only resists heat, but it regulates your body temperature, effectively cooling you even if you're asleep for hours.

Further, you may want to opt for a pillow with a contoured shape if you suffer from chronic neck pain, as the curved shape can provide extra comfort where it's most needed. Or, if you like to cuddle with your pillow, consider a cooling body pillow you can curl up next to all night.

To save you the legwork, I've done the research and can say, these are the best cooling memory foam pillows to keep you cool all night.