These Comfortable, Cooling Pillows Are Made Of Memory Foam & Yes, You Need One


Many traditional pillows, though they may be comfortable and even supportive, trap heat. And, with nowhere for that heat to go, they can elevate your body temperature. But the best cooling memory foam pillows offer a whole different kind of pillow experience. They're soft and supportive, retain their shape after hours of sleeping, and keep your head cool throughout the night.

When people talk about memory foam, most assume there's just one type of memory foam — you know, memory foam. But traditional memory foam, though springy and supportive, can actually trap heat in, whereas shredded memory foam allows for better airflow and is a better type to invest in when you're searching for cooling pillows.

Pillows designed with some form of cooling gel memory foam, either all over the pillow or on just one side, are also extremely popular options that stay cool even longer. The gel not only resists heat, but it regulates your body temperature, effectively cooling you even if you're asleep for hours.

Further, you may want to opt for a pillow with a contoured shape if you suffer from chronic neck pain, as the curved shape can provide extra comfort where it's most needed. Or, if you like to cuddle with your pillow, consider a cooling body pillow you can curl up next to all night.

To save you the legwork, I've done the research and can say, these are the best cooling memory foam pillows to keep you cool all night.


The Overall Best Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Most pillows are ideal for specific sleep positions, but this shredded memory foam pillow is both cooling and adjustable — and designed for all sleepers. You can physically add or remove foam to make the pillow loft lower or higher, which supports your neck and head, whether you’re sleeping on your back, side, or stomach.

The pillow is made from polyester and 40 percent rayon derived from bamboo, which is naturally moisture wicking and breathable. If you suffer from allergies, this hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant pillow is a healthier option. And it comes in three sizes: standard, queen, and king. With more than 11,000 five-star reviews, this cooling pillow is a fan-favorite you'll be glad you have nearby.


The Best For Neck Pain

If you get hot at night and you suffer from neck or upper back pain, this orthopedic memory foam pillow addresses both concerns. It’s made with a soft, hypoallergenic bamboo cover that’s cooler than cotton and wicks moisture from your head. Its contoured design is specifically suited for anyone who needs extra neck support.

Something to note? This is a medium-profile pillow that’s ideal for back and side sleepers, but won’t work well if you sleep on your stomach. You also have the option of purchasing this pillow (for the same price) in a thin or thick profile. The thinner profile may work if you prefer sleeping on your stomach.


The Most Affordable

This affordable option won’t just save you money, it's reversible — on one side you’ll find all-over cooling gel that regulates your body temperature and disperses heat, and on the other side standard memory foam for cooler nights. Instead of investing in two separate pillows, you get the best of both words in one memory foam pillow and can shift from one side to the other throughout the night, if need be.

This pillow isn’t made from shredded memory foam, but it isn’t traditional memory foam, either. It’s actually designed with open cell memory foam, which is less dense, more porous, and provides better airflow than regular memory foam. The 5-inch loft works well for side, back, and stomach sleepers. And it comes with a hypoallergenic mesh knit cover that’s also cooling and washable.


The Best Body Pillow

A full body pillow option that supports the legs, back, and hips is a great option if you want to feel cradled and comfortable. This pillow is made from lighter shredded memory foam that can be spread out to provide a lower or higher profile where you need it (depending on your sleeping style). The removable, washable cover is lightweight bamboo with micro-vents for additional cooling properties.

This pillow is great for stomach, side, and back sleepers. And it has more than 3,600 reviews from folks who love body pillows, and have fallen in love with this cooling alternative.

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