Calling All Pet Parents! These Are The Best Cordless Vacuums For Trapping Pet Hair


According to the home experts at, it’s a good idea to vacuum daily if you have pets living in your home to combat pet hair, dander, allergens, and even potentially harmful bacteria. To make keeping your home clean and healthy a lot easier, you’ll need one of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair to help tackle floors or upholstery while giving you the flexibility to target your pets’ favorite hangout spots with ease.

Cordless vacuums, in general, are lightweight and easy to maneuver. However, they come in a variety of styles from stick to robotic, so choosing the best one for you depends on you and your pets’ needs. Stick vacuums are ideal for cleaning high-traffic floor areas and most of them work well on both carpet and hardwood floors. For a quick spot cleaning or removing pet hair from hard-to-reach spots like rugs, stairs, and a favorite chair, handheld vacuums are great.

If you’re short on time or don’t like the idea of having to manually vacuum daily, self-charging robotic vacuums are also an option. They work on most types of flooring and can be programmed to clean automatically at set times during the day. While these offer a ton of convenience, they won’t do the job of cleaning your upholstery.

When shopping, it’s smart to look for features like washable HEPA or other filters for removing allergens and a battery life that lasts at least 20 to 30 minutes between charges so you won't have to stop midway through.

To make cleaning up after your furry family members easier, here’s my roundup of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair. Each of these top-rated vacuums has powerful suction and unique features to make cleaning hair and dirt a breeze.


The Overall Best Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair

Moosoo's cordless four-in-one vacuum is powerful and lightweight. This vacuum can transform into two different styles of stick vacuums plus two variations of a handheld to clean almost every inch of your home. With its 120-watt suction, it can pick up pet hair and more on both carpet and hardwood floors. Plus, you can easily detach and use it as a handheld to quickly clean pet hair and dirt off your bed, sofa, or curtains.

There’s an extension for hard-to-reach places like shelves, blinds, and underneath furniture. Plus, it has built-in LED lights, so you can see where hair or other crumbs are lurking. This cordless vacuum can last 30 to 45 minutes between charges and features a powerful cyclone with a washable HEPA filter to remove dust and allergens. With a 4.5-star rating after more than 400 reviews, it's customer approved.

What fans say: “Easy to use right out of the box with simple instruction. I absolutely love this CORDLESS vacuum. Has great suction. Pick up hair, dog fur easily. LIGHTWEIGHT!! I have trouble vacuuming the stairs with regular vacuum. With this cordless vacuum, no more [worries] about the long cord, to get out the way from plug to plug. Time saver!”


The Best Handheld Cordless Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cordless hand vacuum is a powerful handheld option for pet owners looking to tackle all the small little messes a furry friend can leave behind. This vacuum features a motorized brush and 14-volt lithium ion battery for effectively removing pet hair embedded into carpet or upholstery. For cleaning stairs and your sofa, it also includes crevice and upholstery attachments. For a hand vacuum, there’s a large dirt bin capable of holding 0.7 liters of dirt and a triple-level filtration system for eliminating dust, allergens, and trapping pet hair. This handheld vacuum lasts up to 20 minutes between charges.

What fans say: “I purchased this vacuum for the pet hair feature and I can say out of the handhelds, both cordless and corded, that I have owned it is at the top. I have used this on my furniture, vehicle, stairs and spot cleaning and have not been disappointed in the vacuum's ability to get the hair and dirt. I am also impressed with the current battery life, I am able to get a good 20 minutes of vacuuming in before I notice a drop off in suction power.”


The Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

For effortless floor cleaning when you have pets, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is worth considering. This robotic vacuum is super quiet with high-power suction to remove pet hair from your home without you having to put in a lot of elbow grease. With its built-in infrared sensors, it can avoid obstacles and clean while avoiding falls. It features a remote control and the ability to program cleaning times and duration. It has a triple filter system to thoroughly clean dust and 0.6-liter box to reduce the need for frequent emptying. This vacuum also lasts up to 100 minutes between charges and automatically returns to the charging base when its batteries are low.

What fans say: “Its suction is much stronger than my Roombas have had. It picks up so much dust and pet hair. I work from my home office, and this thing is quiet enough that I don't even turn it off during conference calls. This might be the thing I am most impressed with.”


The Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

To remove pet hair from your hardwood floors without damage, the Hikeren cordless stick vacuum is a good option. This cordless stick vacuum features a 120-watt motor with two different settings, one is for eliminating pet hair and dust from hardwood floors and the other is for cleaning hair and bigger messes from carpets. It features an impressive 180-degree rotating swivel design for maneuvering around furniture and LED lights for cleaning dark areas like under the couch.

You can also detach the vacuum and use it as a handheld for spot cleaning things like your pet’s bed or chairs. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 minutes between charges, and the HEPA filter is easy to wash.

What fans say: “I have two cats and a dog, mostly hardwood floors with a couple area rugs. This vacuum does a fabulous job with the pet hair, dust, etc, on floors and on furniture. What I like best is that there is no cord to trip over; it's lightweight and easy to carry. The little headlight makes it easy to see the mess under the furniture and in corners.”

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