This Is The Easiest Way To Curl Short Hair — Without Heat

By Emily Estep

A common myth is that having short hair will make styling it more manageable. But, unless you have hair that air dries perfectly, it's usually not the case. Curling is a technique that's already complicated, so having one of the best curlers for short hair is especially necessary when you've got a bob or crop.

While there's nothing wrong with using a hot tool every now and then, there are alternatives. There's a whole wide world of curlers that don't use heat — hair rollers, if you will — and many are designed to be slept in, so you can them up before bed and wake up to perfect curls. Many of them can be used on wet hair, which is a game-changer if we've ever heard of one. You'll be able to cut the time you'd usually spend styling your hair with an iron or blow dryer in half, and you'll be eliminating the risk of damage, too. Another bonus is the money you'll save — hair rollers are infinitely less expensive than hot tools. They're also easier to pack and travel with, as they don't require any cords or electricity.

Below are four of the best hair rollers for short hair — and get this: Not a single set costs more than $16.


A Set Of 42 Flexible Foam Curlers That Come In 7 Sizes And Work On Both Wet And Dry Hair

You can create curls of any shape or size with these foam curlers that bend every which way. The set comes with six curlers in seven different sizes, allowing you to create both big, bouncy curls and tight, spiral curls. They come color-coded, depending on the size, and you can use them on both wet or dry hair. Many fans say they produce beautiful, bouncy curls in as little as one to two hours. One thing to note is that many reviewers say they're not comfortable enough to wear overnight, but with a near five-star rating, that doesn't seem to be an issue for their more than 3,500 happy customers.


A Set Of Water-Absorbing Curlers That Dry Wet Hair While You Sleep

These hair curlers do so much more than style your hair overnight — they help it dry, too. This eliminates the need for a curling iron and blow dryer, so you'll save both time and money by using these instead. They're made of sponge and velvet, an absorbent duo that's comfortable enough t sleep in. Plus, they have built-in velcro straps that keep everything in place — no clips necessary. Every set comes with eight curlers and you can choose from blue or pink.


A Set Of Color-Coded Foam Curlers That Create Tight, Defined Curls In All Different Sizes

These foam hair rollers are extra-soft, so they're super comfortable to lounge around or sleep in. They’re color-coded to differentiate between sizes and come with built-in clips to hold everything in place while you toss and turn in bed or move about the house. Best of all, they work on both wet and dry hair. Constructed specifically to produce tight, defined curls, every pack — which costs less than $10 — includes a set of 42, so you're getting an incredible deal.


A Set Of Soft Silicone Curlers That Are Comfortable Enough To Sleep In

Both lightweight and easy-to-use, these silicone hair rollers allow you to create curls of all shapes and sizes: big and bouncy, loose and wavy, or tight and defined. They're soft and comfortable enough to sleep in and have a near-perfect rating on Amazon. Each order includes 15 big rollers, 15 small rollers, a transparent pouch to carry them in, and a cap that keeps everything in place while you sleep.

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