The 4 Best Dishwasher-Safe Knife Sets
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Putting knives in the dishwasher can cause them to get dull quicker because they can get jostled around in the machine and dishwasher detergent can cause rusting. If you’re strapped for time and need to get your knives washed quickly and easily, your best bet if you want to skip hand-washing is to look for the best dishwasher-safe knife sets that are strong and rust-resistant enough to withstand the dishwasher.

When looking at all of the different knife sets available, you’ll find that most knives are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable (and less likely to chip or break) and easy to sharpen. Some sets feature stainless steel that is covered with a nonstick coating, which allows for easy slicing.

When it comes to the handles, avoid wooden ones, which can get easily damaged in the dishwasher. Instead, look for materials like plastic or stainless steel which hold up better. Besides that, finding knives with handles that are comfortable to use and easy to hold is important.

Often, full knife sets come with some type of block for storage. This block could be made from a variety of materials, but wood is very common. If you don’t have room for a block or don’t like displaying your knives, there are sets available without one, too. If all you’re looking for is a set of steak knives, I’ve included a quality option of those, too.

With all that in mind, here are four knife sets that are worth your dough.


The Best Dishwasher-Safe Knife Set, All Things Considered

This block knife set from KitchenAid meets all of the requirements of a good knife set, plus plenty more. Since the knives are made of a high-carbon stainless steel, they're very durable (perfect for a rough dishwasher), while still being razor sharp. The ergonomic handles make these comfortable to use and less likely to slip in your hand, allowing you total control over each slice and chop.

The set features a functional selection of knives, including six serrated steak knives and a paring knife. The set also comes with a sleek silver block to store them all, and even has a built-in knife sharpener to make your life just a little easier. With more than 200 reviews on Amazon, and a 4.5-star rating, reviewers appreciate the quality of this pick. “We mostly hand wash these, but they have also made several trips through the dishwasher without any ill effect. They are very sharp,” one fan wrote. The set is also available in a brushed stainless steel style for about $30 less.


The Runner-Up: A Super-Sharp Knife Set That’s Less Than $50

One Amazon reviewer summed up this block knife set from Cuisinart by writing: “Not just amazing for the price - actually amazing.” At under $50, this 15-piece knife set is amazingly priced, but is also a high-quality pick that will make a great addition to any kitchen.

This high-carbon stainless steel set comes with pieces including six serrated steak knives, an 8-inch chef knife, and a paring knife. And yes, it's dishwasher safe. The stainless steel handle is ergonomically designed (so it’s comfortable to use and hold) and is hollow (so it’s super lightweight and easy to handle). The block isn’t quite as sleek as the KitchenAid set, but if you can look past that, then you just found yourself a new block knife set for a stellar price.


The Best Budget Dishwasher-Safe Knife Set (With Nonstick Coating, Too!)

Backed by a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, reviewers rave about this colorful set of six knives with coordinating blade guards. The knives are made of stainless steel, but feature a ceramic nonstick coating, which makes cutting super easy. While you lose out on the timeless look of stainless steel, the colorful coating that adorns each knife serves a helpful purpose: it reduces the risk of cross-contamination during food prep.

While Cuisinart doesn’t specify that this pick is dishwasher safe, the knives have held up well through plenty of washings for many customers. “I was concerned that the colored coating would start to chip off but I am very pleasantly surprised. These knives have all held up wonderfully to the day-to-day use I put them through. I have washed them both by hand and in the dishwasher and see no signs of deterioration. I can honestly recommend without hesitation,” one reviewer wrote.

This set even comes with a lifetime warranty. And for a super low price tag? You really can't beat it.


The Best Steak Knife Set

This steak knife set from Ashlar claims to cut through food like butter, and Amazon reviewers seem to agree that these knives get the job done. “Best knives ever. Have been looking for replacement of my old steak knives. Bought 2 other brands, and was disappointed. These have proven to be wonderful. Sharp and sturdy. Well made. Highly recommend,” one reviewer wrote.

Each of these six super-sharp steak knives are made from a single piece of stainless steel, meaning you never have to worry about a handle coming loose, a blade falling off, or food particles getting stuck in the grooves. The contoured knife handle is also easy to hold. While this set is dishwasher-safe, some reviewers noted that they saw small amounts of rusting after pulling the knives out of the machine.

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