If You Have Trouble Waking Up, You Need One Of These Genius Alarm Clocks

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Putting your phone away and using one of the best dual alarm clocks instead can help create a distraction-free environment for a good night’s sleep. These alarm clocks are also ideal for heavy sleepers who need something extra loud to wake them up or those who’d like to wake up gently to simulated sunlight. And since they're dual alarms, you can set them for two different times.

When you’re shopping for the best option to add to your bedroom, think about what type of sleeper you are and your goals. If you’re trying to get more rest at night and wake up gently, a sunrise simulator alarm gradually wakes you up with a warm light that mimics the sun and some can even play soothing sounds. If you tend to hit the snooze button often or don't hear your alarm go off, you might want to consider a more aggressive alarm that’s a lot louder than the standard phone alarm or even one that shakes your bed when it's time to wake up.

Whichever dual alarm clock you use, consider the ease of use. It should be easy to read and set. The ability to dim the display to prevent unwanted light is also worth considering. Additional features like a built-in radio, USB ports, display projection, and multiple sound settings can also be found.

These best dual alarm clocks on Amazon are all top-rated picks loaded with features to help even the most stubborn sleepers wake up on time.


The Best Basic Alarm Clock

The Jall Digital Alarm Clock is both budget-friendly and versatile. This small wood cube alarm is only 2.5 inches on each side and about $10. It won’t take up much space on your bedside table or desk and features two alarms. You can also set it to weekday mode so it will allow you to sleep in on the weekends without you having to remember to reset it. There are three brightness levels, and it’s easy to set.

What fans say: “I was looking for a low tech Alarm clock which is hard to find these days. This one is simple and fits in my small nightstand. I like the brightness on the low setting which doesn’t blind me at night. I would def recommend this clock.”


The Best Dual Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

For heavy sleepers, the Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock is a top pick. Over 5,300 reviewers have given this dual alarm clock a five-star rating. “For any heavy sleepers out there, this Sonic Bomb Alarm is *the* alarm clock you need,” raved one reviewer.

This alarm clock features a powerful bed shaker attachment that you place under your bed or pillow. When your alarm goes off, it vibrates and shakes your bed to wake you up. There’s the option to use an extra-loud 113 decibel alarm that's as loud as a car horn. However, you have the option to turn the volume down, too. And if that’s not enough to wake you, there’s also built-in red flashing alert lights that can go off, too. It comes with five different dimmer levels, battery backup, and is available in a variety of colors from black to pink to red.

What fans say: “This is the first alarm clock that I can say has honestly woken me up the first time. And addition, the vibration piece gives you an extra bit of insurance that you will get up if you are a heavy sleeper."


The Best Dual Alarm Clock That Simulates Sunlight

The LBell Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is a sunrise simulation dual alarm that gradually changes color from a dark red to bright yellow before sounding its alarm, so you can gently wake up. You can set the time, brightness, and alarm volume to your liking. It even features a sleep aid function with soothing music that you can play to help you fall asleep faster. There’s also an FM radio with the ability to program up to 40 of your favorite stations.

With this dual alarm clock, you can set alarms specifically for the weekdays and another for weekends or your partner. Plus, it has a USB charging port in the back.

What fans say: “LBell Wake Up Light helped tremendously with waking up and feeling energized. Waking up slowly to natural sounds like waves or birds, chirping has made getting up easier. I love how the light begins to increase like the sunrise. It feels much less stressful waking up gradually vs. the harsh shrill of my cell phone alarm.”


The Best Projection Alarm Clock

The Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock is a dual alarm clock that can project the time or temperature onto your ceiling or wall. If you’re someone who’s always checking the time, this clock is a handy option, and the projection can be easily turned off, too. There’s a large LCD that’s easy to read with the ability completely dim, too.

It features programmable dual alarms with the option to turn off the alarm on the weekends. This also has a radio you can wake up to. If you'd rather wake up to music from your iPhone, Android, or other device, it has a 3.5-millimeter input, too.

What fans say: “The really wonderful thing about this product is, of course, the time projector. I have it pointed toward my bedroom ceiling so that when I open my eyes in the middle of the night, the time is right there in large red lettering for me to see. There is a focus feature, so the font is very clear.”

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