If You're Into ASMR, Try Listening On These Next-Level Earbuds

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To get the most out of ASMR, you need earbuds with superior sound quality to help you hear all the details of the audio. The best earbuds for ASMR deliver clear, immersive sound — and they’re comfortable to wear so that you can relax while you listen. Many of these earbuds are noise-cancelling, too, so it's easier to hear that quiet ASMR without any distractions. Wired earbuds should deliver the best sound quality, but wireless buds might appeal if you hate dealing with a cord.

When buying a pair of earbuds for ASMR, it’s important to find a pair that feels good and sits securely in your ear. Look for earbuds that come with a variety of soft tips to ensure a good fit that creates a tight, sound-blocking seal.

In most cases, wired earbuds are likely your best bet for an amazing ASMR experience, as they tend to have better sound quality, won’t run out of battery life, and will always have a good connection to your device. Some are even made of super-soft silicone, so you can be really comfortable while wearing them in bed. However, if you truly dislike messing with a cord, wireless earbuds can still deliver good sound quality. Just be sure to pay close attention to the battery life to ensure they will last for as long as you need. Also take your sleep style into account if you'll be using wireless earbuds while you sleep, since some side sleepers find wireless earbuds a little bulky.

These four sets of earbuds have truly amazing sound quality, so you can fully enjoy all of the sounds of ASMR. And Amazon reviewers report that these picks are all unbelievably comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

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The Best ASMR Earbuds For Most People

These Shure earbuds are loaded with features that make them a solid pick for listening to ASMR. The lightweight earbuds have super soft tips and a low-profile shape that rests comfortably in the ear. And while earbud cords can sometimes be annoying, this pick features a cord that actually goes over your ear, which helps to keep it out of the way. This is especially great for sleeping, since it prevents the cord from getting all tangled up. The earbuds block out ambient noise up to 37 decibels (which includes noises like a ticking clock, breathing, and maybe even a refrigerator hum), so that you can focus on those relaxing ASMR sounds.

These earbuds come with a “fit kit” that includes three tip sizes — small, medium, and large — so you can achieve a good seal. Also included is a soft-zip, compact carrying case to store and travel with your earbuds. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or clear.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Perfect sound, these are my favorite all purpose earbuds. Supreme comfort with the memory foam tips, and VERY high quality sound for the price. Not to mention, they fit so snug and flat that I can fall asleep with them in, and I often do use them to fall asleep, while listening to ASMR videos."


A Pair Of Upgraded Earbuds For The Ultimate ASMR Experience

Bose is known for making some seriously amazing sounding products, and these earbuds from the brand certainly hit the mark. While these earbuds are expensive, reviewers on Amazon report that this pick provides a listening experience that is truly unrivaled by any other earbuds. The earbuds are also a standout pick when it comes to noise cancellation — the technology eliminates distracting background sounds up to around 45 decibels (which is higher than most noise-canceling headphones, blocking out sounds as loud as bird calls, ambient library noises, or maybe even a nearby conversation), so that you can focus on your ASMR. What’s even cooler is that with a touch of a button, you can activate the “aware” mode to hear what’s happening around you.

These earbuds feature soft tips for a comfortable, sealed fit. Small, medium, and large tips are included, so that you can select the ones that work best. These corded headphones require charging, but the battery provides up to 16 hours of use per charge.

When buying these earbuds, be sure to select the model that is compatible with your device — one works with Apple devices, and the other with Samsung and Android devices.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I have purchased 4 top rated expensive earbuds over the last few years. All were very nice with great sound quality but I was never able to make them fit comfortably. Did they fit yes, did [they] fit well and feel like they weren't about to fall out..... No. These Bose earbuds are super comfortable and really feel comfortable! Hardly feel them in my ears, they seal well, excellent sound quality and the noise cancellation is incredible! Are they expensive, yes. Are they worth the money, yes!"


A Pair Of Fan-Favorite Wireless Earbuds That Are Comfy Enough To Sleep In

If you’re interested in a wireless option, these TOZO earbuds are beyond adored on Amazon. Boasting a 4.4-star rating after more than 38,000 reviews, those who have tried these out indicate that they offer amazing sound quality (with noise-reduction technology, too) and are shockingly comfortable to wear — even while sleeping. The earbuds’ tips are made of a gel-flexible silicone that fits nicely in the ear. And reviewers on Amazon mention that this pick comes with multiple tips in different sizes, so you can select the ones that are best for you.

The earbuds can last over four hours on a single charge, and the included case provides 14 extra hours of charge. The earbuds are easy to pair, and Bluetooth 5.0 provides a fast and stable transmission. The earbuds are waterproof (one meter deep) for 30 minutes. Choose from five colors: black, blue, gray, white, or khaki.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I have just had these earbuds for 3 days and I'm so impressed by them now. First, they are really comfortable the box comes with several options for you to find an ear plug of your size, and once you do, they are great to wear. I've tried jumping, shaking my head, and running, and they dont slip a bit! [...] Second, the sound quality. As soon as I got them I played a few songs and even watched ASMR videos on youtube and the quality is even better than my wired earphones."


A Cheap Pair Of Earbuds That's Designed For Sleeping

These MAXROCK earbuds are crafted from a soft silicone material that makes them an amazingly comfortable option for falling asleep while listening to ASMR. The earbuds’ tips conform to your ear, which helps to create a tight seal and ensures that they won’t fall out during the night. And while they don't come with different tip sizes, the way they mold to fit your ear means one size really should fit all.

While these earbuds may not produce a sound quality that is comparable to the high-cost picks on this list, Amazon reviewers indicate that these earbuds still sound quite good and will totally work for ASMR. The earbuds have some noise-isolating technology, too, so you can have a truly immersive experience. Choose from a super wide range of colors including classic white or black, and bold options, like pink or green.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I listen to ASMR, sleep stories, etc when going to sleep. My husband doesn't like to listen to any of that so I needed some headphones that I could sleep in. I thought I'd give these a try since they have good reviews, and I was not disappointed. I sleep on my side with my hand directly under my ear and I CAN'T FEEL A THING when these are in. They are so comfortable! The sound quality is great too, and they cancel out a lot of noise. [...] They are that good that I can actually hear the video while on a loud plane."