These Brilliant Rings Make Perfectly Shaped Eggs Every Time


Eggs rings can do a lot more than just make your eggs look nicer — though they certainly do that, too. They can save you space on your pan or griddle; help the eggs cook more evenly; work for other things like pancakes; and make sure your eggs fit perfectly on your English muffin, bagel, or roll. The best egg rings will also save you plenty of effort overall by being easy to use and easy to clean, too.

When it comes to egg rings, you'll likely be choosing between metal and silicone. Metal, namely stainless steel, tends to be slightly stickier than silicone so being sure to spritz oil or cooking spray is helpful. They are most effective if they are preheated for a minute or two on the pan so all in all, metal egg rings require a little more setup. However, metal cooks the edges and gives you a more evenly done egg overall. Silicone is less likely to stick to your eggs (though cooking spray also helps) and is lighter for easier storage. You'll still want to add them to a preheated pan, but the egg rings themselves don't need to be preheated.

No matter which material you choose, it's essential that the rings have a flat bottom so they don't leak. Also look for an easy-to-grip handle that's not too short to avoid burning your hands (though still, be careful).

Whether you're making eggs for a sandwich or heart-shaped pancakes for a special breakfast, these are the best customer-approved egg rings on Amazon that'll get you cooking.


The Overall Best Egg Rings: Abam Silicone Egg Rings

With more than 350 five-star reviews, these 4-inch egg rings are an Amazon shopper favorite for how easy the silicone is to pull away from the eggs and the handles that make removal a breeze. However, reviewers recommend making sure the pan is flat to avoid leaking and a dash of oil or cooking spray to make it even more effortless. Dishwasher-safe and good to go at up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, they offer all the functionality you need at a great price.

Fans say: "These egg rings are really well-made and work perfectly. Don't be fooled by the low price — the quality is excellent. The rings work exactly as they should, and I found the product guide which accompanied the rings had very useful and helpful suggestions."


The Best Metal Egg Rings: Kingsoo Stainless Steel Egg Rings

For a more evenly cooked egg, consider stainless steel rather than silicone. This set of four rings in two different sizes (3 and 3.5 inches in diameter) has a small metal flap handle and comes with a silicone mini glove so you can pick up the rings without burns. There's a little more prep involved than silicone: The maker recommends you preheat the rings for a minute or two before adding the egg, but customers have given this a 5-star overall rating.

Fans say: "Lubed the inside of the ring and pan with oil, got the ring nice and hot, and it worked like a charm. There was some negligible leaking under the ring, but it was just that — negligible. Little silicone glove that comes with the pack is much easier to use than a bulky oven mitt. I'm happy with this purchase."


The Best Single Egg Ring: Lodge Egg Ring

If you're just looking to try egg rings, only need to make one at a time, or just want to be able to choose how many you get, these egg rings from Lodge, the makers of those beloved cast iron skillets, have you covered. Four inches wide and with a handle, They're each 4 inches wide, have a handle, and are dishwasher-safe.

Fans say: "Make sure these don't ride on the upward curve at the edge of your pan and they work great!"


The Best Egg Rings In Fun Shapes: PNBB Stainless Steel Egg Molds

Whether you're looking to make a fun breakfast or just jazz up the everyday, this set of eight different stainless steel egg rings (and a silicone brush) are sure to bring on the smiles. Whether you stick with the classic round or go for a bird, elephant, or flower, these work for eggs, mini pancakes, and more. While some customers found them a little difficult to clean, more than 700 people gave these affordable rings a five-star rating.

Fans say: "The handle folds inside the shape making them easy to store. They’re quite easy to clean as long as you remember to stay then with Pam or something before using them. They made my sons breakfast fun and it has so many shapes for him to choose he gets very excited about it."

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