This Product Is A Game-Changer For People Who Desperately Want A Fireplace

by Lisa Fogarty

Who doesn't have fantasies of warming up beside a wood-burning fireplace once the temperature drops? Sadly, you can't just go and start laying down bricks (especially if you own an apartment), but you can do the next best thing: purchase one of the best electric fireplaces that will provide both ambiance and more warmth than you probably ever imagined.

One of the best ways to make your home or apartment cozier in the winter is by investing in an electric fireplace, which come in a variety of sizes and at all price points. Some are free standing and can fit into corners and small spaces. Others are portable, which is great if you want to transport it between rooms. There are even wall mounted electric fireplaces that stay up and out of the way — ideal for parents of small children and anyone with a curious pet.

And today's modern electric fireplaces are also extremely convenient (I mean, way more convenient than having to stock up on firewood and start and tend to a real fire — just saying). Many boast adjustable settings so you can pick and choose the amount of heat they emit, and several come with remote control devices that you can operate from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Sure, owning an electric fireplace probably means giving up the yule log drinking game, because now you'll have your very own fire whenever you want it. But those snug winter nights and your much cheaper heating bill will make it all worth it.


A Modern Electric Fireplace That You Can Mount To Your Wall

Best Choice Products Electric Wall Mount And Free Standing Fireplace, $100, Amazon

With a dual heat setting and the option to mount it to the wall or use as a free-standing fireplace, this is one electric fireplace that's perfect for small spaces or someone who wants it to stay out of the way. The 3D flame doesn't release emissions, and reviewers say it can warm up a room in seconds. The unit is cool even when it's working, the noise it emits is minimal, and the ability to hang it on a wall like a TV provides peace of mind if you have a pet or small children.


A Classic Electric Fireplace Stove With A Realistic Looking Flame

LifeSmart Infrared Quartz Fireplace, $131, Amazon

A large electric fireplace positioned in a Quakerstown dark oak cabinet and mantel, this model boasts two levels of realistic looking fire, infrared heat that can keep a big room cozy, and a convenient remote control that lets you operate it from anywhere in the room. It has three heat settings and, if you want ambiance without heat, it gives you the option of displaying the "fire" without infrared. Plus, it'll add a touch of elegance to any room.


A Vintage-Inspired, Free-Standing Portable Electric Fireplace Stove

Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove, $150, Amazon

Love the look of vintage stoves and prefer the convenience of a portable free standing electric fireplace? This 22-inch fireplace combines both features and boasts realistic-looking logs and fire behind glass, a fan-forced heater with adjustable settings, and the option to turn off the heat and enjoy a view of the flames. This model is so compact you can place it anywhere, even in corners of your home, and it comes in four colors: red, white, black, or bronze.


A Modern-Looking Electric Fireplace That's Great For Small Spaces

e-Flame USA Regal Electric Fireplace, $220, Amazon

Another classic but slightly more modern take on the electric fireplace, this compact design has rounded edges, which allows for easier placement in small spaces and corners. It has mesh doors, adjustable settings, and a no heat option, and it can provide warmth in up to 400 square feet. This regal-looking model doesn't come with a remote, however, though it does offer a quick and easy assembly.


An Electric Insert For Pre-Existing, Empty, Or Out-Of-Use Fireplaces

PuraFlame26" Western Electric Fireplace Insert, $240-$330, Amazon

Let’s get one thing clear — this is not a standalone fireplace, but an insert you put into an existing empty or inactive one (and you don’t need to have an exhaust). Inside are a bed of (fake) fiery embers, real-looking logs, and “flames” that have three adjustable settings. It uses LED technology, which saves energy, has two heat-saving modes, and comes with a remote control. Keep in mind — this fireplace insert does heat up when in use, so be careful if you have young kids.

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