The One Tool You Need To Amp Up Your Self-Care Regimen

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By Emily Estep

There are few things in life more satisfying than a scalp massage — especially when your head's been feeling tight or sore. Thankfully, with the best electric scalp massagers, you can experience the pleasure of a professional-level rubdown from the comfort of your own home.

The benefits of massaging your scalp are sort of endless. Not only does it release tension and increase the production of serotonin, but also, promoting blood circulation to your hair follicles encourages the growth of long, strong, and shiny hair. And best of all, it truly does mitigate stress.

There are a ton of scalp massagers on the market ready to assist you. Some are designed for in-shower use, working hand-in-hand with your shampoo to cleanse and massage at the same time. Others are more versatile and can be used on the whole body, with designs that can relieve tension in other muscles as well.

These electric head massagers come in various shapes and sizes, and though the concept may sound fancy, they're actually pretty affordable, ranging between $15 and $30. Each one vibrates to give you the feeling of a salon-quality massage at-home, on the road, or wherever you're most in need of some top-notch stress relief.


A Waterproof Massaging Brush That Can Help Control Dandruff

This water-resistant massaging brush lets you shampoo your hair while gently exfoliating the scalp, and all it requires is one AA battery. The design is simple, with an ergonomic handle, on/off button, and rubber bristles that ease tension without irritating the skin. While you shouldn't fully submerge it in water, it's perfectly safe to use in the shower. An Amazon's Choice product, it can also help control dandruff and increase blood flow, which promotes healthy hair growth. Choose from four colors: black, white, green, and purple.


A Lightweight Claw Massager That You Can Use On Your Entire Body

You can use this claw massager on your scalp or anywhere else on your body to loosen tight muscles and relieve tension with more than 8,000 vibrations per minute. It's designed specifically to help you relax, and since it weighs only about half a pound, you can take it anywhere. Keep it in your purse or at your desk for all-day relief — it feels incredible on your face and temples, too.


A Massaging Brush That Detangles Hair And Neutralizes Static Electricity

This massaging brush allows you to detangle your hair, eliminate static electricity, and massage your scalp — all in one. In addition to offering 8,500 vibrations per minute, it emits negative ions that neutralize the positive charge of static electricity, leaving you with smooth, silky hair. It's incredibly easy to operate, with just one button that controls everything, and it has a built-in rechargeable battery.


A Scalp Massager With Multiple Attachments For Your Body

With this massager, you basically get five tools in one, thanks to its multiple attachments. You can choose between "deep scalp," "face," "magnetic head," and "shiatsu point" attachments depending on what kind of massage you're looking for and where. It delivers strong vibrations no matter which you choose, promoting blood circulation in your scalp (or elsewhere) while relieving tension. The massaging kit can even be used to ease away migraines and makes for a truly thoughtful gift.

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