This 5-Star-Rated Fire Pit Is The Backyard Upgrade You Deserve This Summer

Wood is highly combustible, which means it catches fire easily — so installing a fire pit on your wood deck requires extra precautions. When you’re shopping for the best fire pits for wood decks, it’s much safer to go with a gas fire pit (rather than wood-burning) and to consider installing a fire pit pad to protect your deck from radiant heat.

Gas pits, which commonly use propane tanks as fuel, are better for a wood deck because they’re smokeless and emberless, and they tend to produce less radiant heat than wood. Wood fires, on the other hand, produce embers that are difficult to contain and can easily ignite fires outside of the pit — which is a real concern if you’re on a wooden deck.

You should always thoroughly read the manufacturer’s specifications before installing and using a fire pit. Not only do you need to make sure that your deck has ample clearance for the pit, you need to also ensure that it will not exceed the weight limit of your deck. Some fire pit manufacturers may recommend that you install a custom non-combustible base or pad as a barrier between the fire pit and your wood deck — but even if they don’t specifically recommend this, it may be worth installing one anyway just to be safe.

Always check your local and state regulations to make sure you can lawfully and safely install a fire pit on your deck — and be sure to leave the actual fire pit installation to a certified professional. There's some element of risk whenever fire is involved, so it’s important to take all of the recommended fire pit precautions before you begin the process of installing one of your own.

OK, safety spiel over — on to my recommendations. From fancy fire tables to portable pits, here are the best fire pits for your wood deck.

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A Propane Fire Table With A Traditional Look

Dimensions: 44 by 32 by 23 inches (length by width by height)

The 401 Fire Table from Outland Living is a gorgeous centerpiece for a deck, but as with any fire pit, it shouldn’t sit directly on your wood deck — it needs to be placed on a non-combustible surface, which means a custom fire pit base made of pavers, brick, or metal might be in order.

It has an attractive resin wicker-wrapped exterior, an aluminum frame with a protective powder coating, and a glass top with 8-millimeter black tempered glass. It also comes with 15.5 pounds of decorative glass rocks to place inside the stainless steel burner pan for extra sparkle.

The fire pit connects to a standard propane tank (not included), and you can easily adjust the flame height with the turn of a knob hidden under the lip of the table at one end. The amount of heat a fire pit gives off is measured in BTUs and typically ranges anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 BTUs, which means that with 35,000 BTUs, this one is on the low end. But even if it's not really hot, it's sure to give your deck warm, welcoming glow.

This isn't a small fire pit by any means. It clocks in at 96 pounds and needs 80 inches of clearance above and 36 inches of clearance on each side. Consult a professional to explore if this fire pit might be the right solution for your space.

The 401 Fire Table comes in brown and gray, as well as rectangular and square versions.

Positive Amazon review: “Absolutely beautiful appearance, perfect ambiance and safe on our wood deck. Love it!!”


A Budget Fire Pit That’s Portable

Dimensions: 24 by 24 by 13 inches (length by width by height)

Looking for a fire pit you can use seasonally or take with you on vacation? At just 25.5 pounds, this Outland Cypress Propane Gas Fire Pit is perfectly portable and easy to stow away when not in use. It doesn't require assembly and it even comes with a cover and carry kit!

The all-weather fire bowl is made of durable steel with an enamel finish. Its smokeless flame has an output of 58,000 BTUs and comes with a 10-foot hose to connect it to a propane tank. To use it safely, make sure it has 80 inches of clearance above and 36 around the sides. You shouldn't place it directly on your wood deck; install a fire pit base or place it on a non-combustible mat instead.

Positive Amazon review: “I purchased this for my wife for a birthday gift. She absolutely loves it. We are able to sit outside and enjoy the fire on on wood deck and not worry about the [heat] transferring to the wood and no smokey smell on our clothes. We still have a traditional fire pit, but this is great for the quick evening outside and a bottle of wine. I would definitely purchase this product again.”


A Rustic Stone Fire Table For A Deck

Dimensions: 32 by 32 by 24 inches (length by width by height)

This Christopher Knight Home Fire Pit has a rustic stone-like exterior covering a magnesium oxide and steel frame. It doesn't require assembly — just plug in a propane tank, put the lava rocks in the burner pan, and turn it on! The 40,000-BTU fire pit has an adjustable flame height too.

It requires 72 inches of clearance above as well as 48 inches of clearance on each side. It weighs a hefty 155 pounds and shouldn't be placed on a combustible surface, so call on a professional to make sure it can safely be installed with a fire pit base.

Positive Amazon review: “Cannot say anything but OUTSTANDING. It is just beautiful and gives off enough heat to make it a wonderful centerpiece on our deck. The stone is realistic looking and the entire item is superb.”


A Sleek Fire Pit To Splurge On

Dimensions: 48 by 19.5 by 22.75 inches (length by width by height)

Turn your deck into a swanky hangout spot with the impressively sleek Outdoor Great Room Key Largo Fire Pit. It features an eye-catching stucco base and stainless steel top with a massive 42-inch-long burner. (A burner cover is also included for when the fire's not in use.) The sliding door in the base hides a standard 20-pound propane tank; with a professional's help, it can also be converted into a natural gas fire pit.

It can pump out an impressive 80,000 BTUs of heat, making it the hottest fire on this list. It weighs 140 pounds and you'll need to make sure you have 72 inches of clearance above the fire pit and 24 inches of clearance around the sides. This fire pit may not require a pad, but definitely check with a professional before installation to be extra sure.

Positive Amazon review: “First thing that my neighbor said when she saw it was ‘wow, how much did this thing cost ?’”