Calling All Bakers, These Top-Notch Flour Sifters Will Seriously Up Your Cooking Game


Have you heard the expression “baking is a science”? It’s enough to scare people into reaching for boxed muffin mix every time they bake. The truth is, if you’ve ever struggled with baking, simply sifting your flour can make a big difference. Flour has a tendency to settle as it’s stored, and it can be tempting to measure directly from the bag. The result? You end up with clumps and often use more flour than necessary, which disrupts the proportions. But don’t worry, the best flour sifters aerate your dry ingredients so you can measure accurately for light, fluffy, baked perfection.

To find the right flour sifter, here are a few things to keep in mind. Though they come in different styles, all sifters function by moving flour through a sieve or screen, usually with a scraping wire mechanism. Some sifters are squeeze-operated, others have hand cranks, and you can even find motorized models. If you’re sifting several cups of flour, you want to be comfortable, so decide which functionality you prefer.

Depending on what you bake, the volume of flour will vary. For most recipes, a 3-to-5-cup capacity is sufficient. If you bake frequently, you might like a sifter with airtight lids to keep flour fresh inside the chamber between uses.

Whichever style you choose, the best flour sifters can take some of the guesswork out of baking, so you can stop stressing and save your boxed mixes for emergencies.


The Best Overall: Wilton Flour Sifter

The versatile design and dual lids of this flour sifter from Wilton make it the overall best pick. With a thick, rubberized handle and a hand crank that can be positioned on either side of the sifter, both lefties and righties will find it comfortable to use. The transparent plastic walls allow for viewing of the 5-cup sifter itself, whose rotating curved wires move flour or powdered sugar through the screen mesh, not unlike using a spoon and a sieve. Wilton provides two lids, one for the top which helps keep dust clouds at bay during sifting, and another for the bottom which contains any messes while the sifter is in storage. One note: This sifter is not dishwasher-safe, but can be washed with warm soapy water and should be dried thoroughly between uses.


The Best One-Handed Sifter: RSVP International Stainless Steel 3-Cup Flour Sifter

Some one-handed sifters have to be shaken side to side for ingredients to pass through a screen, making them tiring to use and incredibly messy. The design of this squeeze-operated sifter offers more control for a cleaner sifting experience by placing the operation directly in the handle which sifts ingredients when it’s squeezed. The one-handed operation also means that your other hand is free to hold a bowl or utensil. Available in a 3- or 5-cup volume, this sifter is suitable for almost any-size recipe, whether you’re making a small batch of cookies or a multitiered cake. Best yet, the stainless steel construction is durable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


The Best For Alternative Flours: EPICA Bellemain Stainless Steel 3-Cup Flour Sifter

If this sifter from EPICA reminds you of what your grandmother used when you were growing up, that’s because the design hasn’t really changed. The simple hand-crank operation has a wooden knob that’s easy to grip, and the cup volume is stamped directly onto the surface of the sifter (it can hold up to 3 cups of flour). But don’t let the old-school styling fool you, the double-loop wire moves across the screen to sift flour of varying coarseness, from very fine to coarse nut flours like almond meal. Even better, the stainless steel body and mechanisms won’t rust, and the whole sifter can go in the dishwasher.


The Best Motorized Flour Sifter: Norpro Battery-Operated Sifter

If you want sifting flour to be as easy as flipping a switch, you’ll love this battery-operated model from Norpro. Battery-powered, a small internal motor vibrates to sift flour through the integrated screen, so a single hand can simply hold the sifter over a bowl. The easy operation makes this sifter a great choice for those who have arthritis or anyone who would otherwise find cranking or squeezing difficult. The generous canister can hold up to 5 cups of flour for larger recipes. And though the housing is made from BPA-free plastic, due to the battery chamber, the Norpro should be hand-washed.

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