For Perfectly Smooth Purees, These Are The Best Food Processors

When it comes to purees, a food processor is a quick and easy way to get whole or chopped items broken down into a perfectly creamy consistency. That said, not all food processors are the same — particularly when it comes to this type of blending. When you're shopping for the best food processors for pureeing, you need to look for the following elements:

  • Sharp blades: If you're pureeing, it's essential for the blades in your food processor to be extra sharp, so they can slice through fruits, veggies, and other foods. Look for stainless steel blades, which are strong, durable, and built to last.
  • Strong motor: You won't have any luck getting your food to the level of smoothness you want without a strong motor. To determine this, look at the wattage. Generally speaking, the more watts a processor has, the more powerful its motor.
  • Feed tube: Not only important for pureeing, the feed tube is something you should consider any time you buy a food processor. The tube should be large enough to fit big pieces of fruits and veggies (so you don't have to waste time pre-chopping items).

With all of this in mind, I've gathered the best food processors for pureeing below, in a variety of sizes and price points, so you can find the right choice for your blending needs.


The Best Overall

Capacity: 11 cups

Wattage: 625 watts

What's great about it: Amazon reviewers say this mid-sized food processor has a strong, heavy-duty motor that purees a variety of foods quickly and efficiently. It's equipped with four stainless steel blades: one for chopping and three for shredding and slicing (the latter of which you'll use for pureeing). It has an impressive capacity, holding up to 11 cups of food at a time, and it features a wide feed tube that's big enough to accommodate large chunks of fruits or vegetables.

What fans say: "I originally purchased this to make purées for my baby and I’m obsessed. My husband and I use it almost daily. I joke that if things don’t work out between us, I’m marrying the food processor. I even dropped the canister from about six feet onto a concrete floor and nothing broke."


The Best Budget Option

Capacity: 10 cups

Wattage: 450 watts

What's great about it: If you're on a budget but still want a high-quality machine, this affordable food processor from Hamilton Beach is an excellent option. It has a true cult following on Amazon, with more than 8,100 reviews, many of which rave about its ability to puree quickly and efficiently. Designed with stainless steel blades, it has a clever scraper attachment that works like a built-in spatula, plus a large feed tube for big items. It's also available in an 8-cup version for a little less money. The only drawback with this model is that some reviewers say it's noisy.

What fans say: "It purees, chops, and blends most foods with total ease. I think it is even more powerful than my Cuisinart was ... When you need a puree it totally purees whatever ingredient you are using, in seconds, unlike some food processors that either take quite a while to puree, or give you a chunky puree."


The Best Splurge

Capacity: 16 cups

Wattage: 1,200 watts

What's great about it: For folks who spend a lot of time blending and pureeing, this high-end food processor has all the bells and whistles you could want. On top of being the "Best Professional Grade" selection by The Strategist, it has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. With a 16-cup capacity, it's the largest option on my list, and it features an extra wide, 5.5-inch feed tube, as well as a remarkably strong 1,200-watt motor. It's also loaded with bonus accessories, including three blades, two processing bowls, an LCD display screen, and a retractable cord. It comes in your choice of stainless steel, red, or black finishes.

What fans say: "This is by far, the best food processor I've ever owned (over Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, GE, Black & Decker and the list goes on...). It does everything without effort- butter from nuts, chopped veggies, hummus, purees from veggies for soup. I've made pizza dough and pasta dough in a flash and perfectly. It has yet to balk, spit, stop, heat up or whine about anything I have made in it."


The Best Mini-Processor

Capacity: 2 cups

Wattage: 200 watts

What's great about it: If you just have a small quantity to puree and you don't want to haul a big machine out of the cupboard, this miniature food processor is a blessing. With a 200-watt motor, it won't make perfect, chef-quality purees, but if you're looking for something quick and convenient, it's hard to match this handy little machine. While the material of the blades isn't specified, reviews noted that they are sharp and effective. Designed with a quiet motor and a smooth, ergonomic handle, the tiny cult favorite has more than 1,800 reviews on Amazon and an impressive 4.5-star rating.

What fans say: "I was amazed how exceptionally it puréed the frozen and hard foods ... Love how that the blending container has snap closure for storing in fridge. I’d definitely recommend it."

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