These Exfoliating Foot Scrubs Are The Key To Smooth, Baby-Soft Feet

When it comes to pampering, your feet tend to get a rough deal (no pun intended). Despite the fact that they literally carry you through your day-to-day life — from work to the gym to nights out with friends — adding an extra step to your nightly beauty routine, solely for your feet, probably isn't going to happen. But that's where the best foot scrubs come in.

Many foot scrubs pair exfoliating ingredients with moisturizers and essential oils for multiple benefits. To combat cracked heels and smooth out callouses over time, focus on finding your ideal exfoliator. Gritty exfoliators like apricot seeds and walnuts can be more effective at sloughing off dead skin, but for more sensitive skin types, they might be too aggressive. For a milder option, look for a scrub that uses pumice or sugar as its main exfoliator, and never rub aggressively at your skin — work the scrub onto your feet in gentle, circular motions.

Other popular ingredients in foot scrubs include tea tree oil and peppermint oil, which help to eliminate foot odor. Tea tree oil can also help relieve itchy skin because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, while peppermint oil soothes tired, achy feet.

While most foot scrubs already include a moisturizer like coconut oil or cupuaçu butter, if your feet are in need of extra hydration, pair a softening lotion for feet with socks at night before you go to bed. Socks help to create heat that allows the cream to penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

To find your perfect match, check out four of the best foot scrubs, below, that will reinvigorate your feet and leave them super smooth when used just two to three times a week.


The Best All-Natural Foot Scrub

Key ingredients: pumice granules, apricot seeds, tea tree oil, chamomile, calendula

Best for: dry, peeling feet; foot odor; rough heels

For green beauty devotees, Earth Therapeutics' scrub boasts certified-organic ingredients that comprise a formula free of parabens, artificial colors, and no animal testing. Pumice granules, jojoba, and apricot seeds work to exfoliate your feet while tea tree oil and botanicals like chamomile and calendula extracts deodorize and disinfect. Even better, Earth Therapeutics makes other foot care products like foot masks, lotions, and sprays, so you can add even more organic options to your line-up if you're looking to switch up your routine.


The Most Refreshing Foot Scrub

Key ingredients: pumice granules, peppermint oil

Best for: sore, stressed-out feet; foot odor; rough heels

This gel-based scrub lets you create a spa-like experience at home, which will be especially welcome after a long day on your feet (think breaking in that new pair of heels or training for a marathon). The Body Shop uses peppermint essential oil to create a cooling effect that leaves feet feeling refreshed, and pumice (aka volcanic rock granules) as its main exfoliating ingredient to slough away dead skin and leave feet instantly smoother.


Another Great Foot Scrub With A Tropical Scent

Key ingredients: pumice granules, coconut oil, lime extract

Best for: dry feet; rough heels

Whether you're actually preparing for vacation or you're just not a fan of the peppermint scent that's typically assigned to foot scrubs and lotions, Freeman's Bare Foot Scrub has you covered with their island-inspired lime and coconut scent. More than just a tropical scented combo, lime extract refreshes and coconut oil hits your feet with extra hydration while pumice exfoliates dry, cracked skin. Plus, it comes in a tube, which makes it easier to use and store in the shower.


A Gentle Scrub For Both Your Hands & Feet

Key ingredients: sugar crystals, cupuaçu butter, white tea

Best for: dry, sensitive skin; rough heels

You already know you can count on OPI for a killer mani, but the nail polish pro also makes a hand and foot scrub worth splurging on. If you're cautious when it comes to abrasive scrubs, OPI's nourishing formula uses a finer exfoliating option in the form of sugar crystals, which gently lift away dead skin. To further combat any post-scrub irritation, OPI added cupuaçu butter and white tea to moisturize and soothe skin.

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