The 4 Best Foot Soaks For Toenail Fungus
by Andrea Hannah
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Whether you're prone to toenail infections or you're dealing with your first issue, they can seriously impact your life. For one, they can be painful, and they can make it tough to wear your favorite shoes, work out, or even go barefoot around your house. Clearing it up quickly is key, and the best foot soaks for toenail fungus actually make the process enjoyable.

But before you go and buy the foot soak that smells the best, it's super important to check the ingredients label. To truly banish toenail fungus, any soak you choose should include ingredients that are naturally antifungal and antibacterial. A good option is a traditional tea tree soak, which is known for eliminating all kinds of bacteria and odors. Other excellent choices are peppermint, eucalyptus, and even skin-soothing lavender.

You'll also want to consider the duration of your treatment. If your feet and nails are generally healthy and you're just trying to prevent another flare-up, you can snag one or two treatments and be done. But if you're in the process of clearing the fungus, you may want to invest in a larger tub of foot soak so you have it on hand regularly.

It's not exactly easy to find the perfect foot soak with all the right ingredients and rave reviews. Here's a roundup of some of the best foot soaks for toenail fungus out there so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a good soak while helping your feet heal.

Editor's note: If you're experiencing persistent toenail fungus, consult your doctor to receive specific medical advice.


Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt

There's a good reason why this tea tree foot soak has thousands of fans: It works wonders to banish bacteria and fungus for good. For one, it has an extra-strength blend of high-powered ingredients including tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil is known for its ability to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and fungi, and it definitely packs a powerful punch in this soak. The high-quality oil, combined with epsom salt and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) leave your feet feeling refreshed and your toenails fungus-free.

A Tea Tree Soak With Thousands Of Great Reviews

According to one reviewer: "So I'm a guy who didn't take care of his feet the way they should be taken care of. I wear boots every day to work for a total of 16 hours a day. [A]fter using this foot soak after just a few times I've noticed a drastic change in my feet in a great way. The cracks are starting to heal. The funk is going away. My feet feel lighter and softer, and are beginning to be a pleasure to stand on again during those long hours at work."


Dr Foot Fix Therapeutic Foot Soak

Not only does this menthol-based soak smell amazing, but it feels just as good on your skin. It features three powerhouse essential oils that have been triple-distilled for the highest quality: peppermint, tea tree, and birch. All three are known for their anti-fungal properties. The highlight of this soak, though, is definitely how effervescent it is. As soon as you pour the salt and oil blend into your tub, it starts to bubble up, giving your feet a spa-grade experience. Amazon reviewers love how the bubbling combines with the menthol base to produce a unique tingling on their skin.

A Minty Blend That Bubbles Up

According to one reviewer: "Wow, they were not kidding when they said it tingles. Felt great on my tired feet. Had spent the week at a trades how on my feet and the foot soak did the trick."


FineVine Organics Calming Lavender Foot Soak

This lavender foot soak is so relaxing that you won't want to take your feet out of the tub. It has tons of ultra-nourishing ingredients including natural salts, aloe vera, vitamin E, and argan oil, which gently soothe dry, cracked skin. It's also infused with high-quality lavender essential oil, which is excellent for relieving sore muscles, as well as tea tree oil to help eliminate toenail fungus.

A Lavender Soak That Also Relieves Sore Muscles

According to one reviewer: "It has a very pleasant smell, the crystals dissolved relatively fast and as I was soaking my feet the lavender smell aromatize the air around me leaving me tranquil and serene. The foot soak rinsed off easily and left my feet feeling soft and luxurious as if I just left a spa."


Earthborn Elements Tea Tree Epsom Salt Bucket

If you're looking to regularly treat your feet, this bulk-sized bucket of therapeutic foot soak is a must. It's made from a blend of potent tea tree oil and epsom salt, which is highly effective at eliminating odors, banishing fungus, and softening your skin. Plus, it comes in a gallon bucket so you can literally treat yourself every single night without guilt or hesitation.

An Aromatic Soak That Comes In A Gallon Bucket

According to one reviewer: "Works wonders for toenail fungus... Let['s] just say my feet did not look that presentable in public but after only a week of soaking them in this stuff once a day, my feet are starting to look normal! Highly recommend."

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