The 4 Best Glass Electric Kettles


Thanks to their transparent design, glass electric kettles make it easy to know how much water is left and are fun to watch as your water moves into a rolling boil. With so many options available, choosing the best glass electric kettle mainly comes down to features and, of course, your budget. Here are a few other things to keep in mind as you shop.

First, since we’re talking about glass kettles, it’s important to pick an option that’s durable. Look for models made from borosilicate, a sturdy glass that won’t shatter if you accidentally clank your mug against it or bump it on a faucet.

Most electric kettles have a simple on-off switch, but some have features like giving you the ability to adjust the water temperature so whether you're making delicate green tea, pour-over coffee, or instant soup, you’ll be able to dial-in on the precise temperature for perfect extraction and flavor. And, for anyone looking to brew multiple cups of tea or hot water, look for a kettle with a keep warm feature so you don't have to reboil the water when you want a second cup.

Kettles generally range between 1 and 2 liters of capacity, so decide how much volume you need. The bigger the kettle, the less often you’ll have to fill it. But, keep in mind, it takes longer to boil large quantities.

The best glass electric kettles make boiling water simple, no matter what you're brewing up in the kitchen.


The Best Glass Electric Kettle: Homgeek Electric Glass Kettle With Variable Temperature Control

Homgeek’s 1.7-liter glass kettle looks simple, but has a few bells and whistles that put it at the top of this list. Mainly, it sits (and can swivel!) on a base that offers five total temperature options starting at 104 degrees Fahrenheit up to boiling. The keep warm function holds water’s temperature for up to 60 minutes, so you can brew your favorite beverage with no delay between cups. The interior base of the kettle is stainless steel, so it won’t give an off-flavor to your water, and since the lid hinges open wide, it easily fits hands or a brush when it’s time to clean. Safety features like automatic shut-off and boil-dry prevention make sure the kettle turns off after a set amount of time or when there isn’t any water left in the kettle.


The Best For Tea Lovers: HAUEA Electric Kettle With Removable Stainless Steel Strainer

If you primarily want hot water for brewing tea, consider this glass electric kettle from HAUEA. It has a built-in tea basket, so it does double duty as a kettle and teapot you can serve from. The adjustable dial on the base lets you select between two temperatures in addition to boiling for brewing different varieties or strengths of tea, or you can simply use it as you would a regular kettle to boil hot water for bagged tea, coffee, instant oatmeal, or soup. This also has a keep warm feature so you can have a second cup without having to boil more waters. The sturdy handle resembles natural wood, and the wide opening makes cleaning easy, a good thing in case any tea leaves escape. The one downside? This kettle can take quite a bit longer to boil, despite its somewhat small, 1-liter capacity (eight minutes with a full pot).


The Most Compact Kettle: Hamilton Beach 1-Liter Glass Electric Tea Kettle

This 1-liter glass electric kettle from Hamilton Beach is a great pick for anyone who isn’t too picky about water temperature and just wants boiling water, fast. It has a straightforward on-off switch located below the handle, and while the water is heating, a soft blue LED light on the base illuminates the kettle. Once the water reaches temperature, the light turns off and the automatic shut-off feature kicks in. A boil-dry setting prevents the heating element from turning on if the kettle is empty. This kettle doesn’t have a keep warm setting, but since it’s small, it heats up quickly and doesn’t take up much room for those with limited counter space.


The Best Value: Topwit 2-Liter Electric Glass Hot Water Kettle

If you’re someone who likes to brew multiple cups of tea at a time, dislikes refilling the kettle, or uses hot water frequently for cooking or cleaning, this 2-liter glass electric kettle from Topwit is a steal at $21. Other than a blue light that turns on while water is heating and an auto-shutoff feature, there is really nothing fancy about the design (it does not have a keep warm feature), but the on-off switch on the handle and wide opening make it incredibly simple to use and care for. Some Amazon reviewers note that it can take a full kettle up to nine minutes to boil, but few can hold as much water, and it’s still faster than heating up two separate stovetop kettles.

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