Here Are 4 Great Dupes For Glossier's Solution


There are plenty of reasons why people might reach for a chemical exfoliant over a physical one. Firstly, they tend to be a bit more gentle, since they don't actually scrub your skin, making them the better choice for sensitive skin types. They're also great for treating acne because the acids they contain work to resurface dead skin cells and unclog pores. Glossier's Solution is a fan-favorite chemical exfoliant, but it can be hard to get your hands on — which is where the best Glossier Solution dupes come in.

Glossier Solution's is among the best chemical exfoliants out there because combines four different acids — two AHAs, one BHA, and a PHA. The AHAs, lactic acid and glycolic acid, work to brighten skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. The BHA, salicylic acid, unclogs pores, while gluconolactone, the PHA, counteracts any drying.

To find the best dupes for Solution, I focused on finding other acid-based chemical exfoliators and toners that work similarly. With such a unique combination of ingredients, it'd be hard to find an identical formula — but the products on this list basically do the same job. All of these formulas work to exfoliate skin and unclog pores, keeping it clear, bright, and blemish-free.

As great as Solution is, it isn't available for delivery everywhere in the world and often sells out — so check out four of the other best liquid exfoliants you can buy, instead.


The Closest Dupe: A Toner With AHA, BHA, & PHA

Similar to Solution, Some By Me's 30 Days Miracle Toner contains an AHA, BHA, and PHA. Together, these acids dissolve dead skin while also unclogging pores and brightening your overall complexion. But this dupe has another ace in the whole, and that's the niacinamide in the formula. This form of vitamin B3 helps the other ingredients work better, and it also helps hydrate skin and improve clarity. But that's not all — this toner also includes tea tree, which is known for helping treat acne by reducing inflammation. All in all, this is a powerful chemical exfoliant that should help keep skin clear, even, and blemish-free.


A Dermatologist-Grade Peel With AHA & BHA To Brighten Skin & Unclog Pores

For an at-home chemical peel, try Dermalure's AHA/BHA Acne Peel. This powerful exfoliant contains AHAs in the form of glycolic acid and lactic acid, as well as maximum strength salicylic acid, an acne-fighting BHA. Together, they remove dead skin cells and unclog pores while also improving smoothness and overall clarity. Hyperpigmentation and blackheads should become less visible too — just be careful with this stuff, as it's quite powerful. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to do a patch test first before applying it all over your face, in case of any negative reactions.


A Cult-Favorite Toner With AHA To Brighten Skin

Trade one cult-favorite for another with Pixi's Glow Tonic. It's a great option for those with sensitive skin, since it only contains glycolic acid, a gentler acid that only penetrates the outermost layer of skin. The formula also contains aloe vera and ginseng, which help soothe inflammation. Countless loyal fans tout it as a holy grail for keeping skin clear and blemish-free, especially considering the price point.

"Glow Tonic is the best in its price range," says one reviewer. "Anything superior is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive. If you are doing 'beauty on a budget' - I strongly recommend this"


A Cult-Favorite Toner With BHA To Unclog Pores

Another cult-favorite by beauty editors and skin care obsessives, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is another gentle exfoliant, but it uses salicylic acid instead of glycolic acid. Though salicylic acid is quite a powerful ingredient, the low concentration (and other ingredients that balance it out) make this suitable for sensitive skin, too. But every skin type can benefit: it unclogs pores, minimizes the appearance of blackheads, and helps keep skin clear, smooth, and soft.

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