This $7 Grapefruit Spoon Can Tackle *So* Many Kitchen Tasks — & Reviewers Are Obsessed

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For those who start their day with a grapefruit, having the right utensil for the job is essential. For others, a grapefruit spoon may seem like a bit of a one-hit wonder that will ultimately end up in the back of the utensil drawer. But no matter what camp you fall in, the truth is that the best grapefruit spoons are tough enough to handle a variety of detailed kitchen tasks and are absolutely worth the small amount it costs to add one to your kitchen arsenal.

A grapefruit spoon can be used for cleaning the seeds out of bell peppers and zucchini (it’s a lot easier than using a paring knife or a soup spoon), and Epicurious calls it out as particularly useful for removing stray eggshells and even doing the previously impossible task of getting the most kiwi from the peel.

To find a quality grapefruit spoon, look for one made out of stainless steel because the material is rust-resistant and nonreactive, which is essential for something that comes into constant contact with acidic foods like grapefruit. The fruit’s naturally occurring acids can’t corrode stainless steel’s finish, and it still comes out of the dishwasher in pristine condition even after years of use.

Grapefruit spoons are slightly more narrow and angled than an average spoon so they can precisely dig into each citrus segment, with serrated edges for cutting through pulp. You want the edge to be sharp but not so sharp that you feel like you could lose a finger. To make the task even easier, you can also spring for a spoon and knife set — look for one with a small serrated citrus knife with a curved blade that slices right up against the rind and doesn’t cause juice to squirt everywhere like a paring knife can.

The four grapefruit spoon options below are up to any kitchen task, and some even come backed by more than 1,000 Amazon reviews.

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The Best Overall: A Budget-Friendly Set With Rave Reviews

This four-piece set of best-selling stainless steel grapefruit spoons earned top marks for its quality stainless steel composition that offers have-’em-forever longevity. Boasting 4.8 stars after 1,400+ reviews, this pick has a nearly perfect rating amongst Amazon shoppers, who dubbed them "the Cadillac of spoons." Reviewers especially liked the slightly longer handle that's perfect for digging into larger fruit, and how they can slice through pulp easily without scratching sensitive skin. Not a single shopper reported rust or tarnish even after heavy use and multiple runs through the dishwasher.


The Most Eye-Catching: Some Pretty Iridescent Grapefruit Spoons

These rainbow-hued grapefruit spoons are guaranteed to spark joy before you’ve had your coffee, and offer a playfully pretty alternative to polished silver. Despite the gorgeous novelty finish that looks like it might require special care, they’re made from food-grade stainless steel that's dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime guarantee. One shopper noted, "Most [spoons] i've used i still need to pre-slice my grapefruit, but these work so well there is no need. They slice well, are comfortable to hold, easy to use." And since it comes in a convenient set of four, you'll have enough to share when you have friends or family over.


The Best Grapefruit Spoon And Knife Set

This heavyweight stainless steel set of grapefruit utensils includes four serrated spoons and two grapefruit knives for quick and precise segmenting without the sticky mess. The grapefruit knives have serrated edges that cut through pulp without squirting juice everywhere, and the curved blades make it easier to work right up against the rind. One knife is built with double-sided serration for left-hand use, and every piece in this set is dishwasher safe. "Using these two knives results in a grapefruit that is fully sectioned away from the skin, making it easy to eat with the spoon. And if you missed fully separating something, you can use the serrated edges on the spoon to do the final cuts," one shopper explained.


The Best For Families: A Set Of Eight Spoons To Feed A Crowd

This set of eight grapefruit spoons is a better option for families, since you won’t have to constantly rotate through washing a smaller set. "These are really versatile, nice spoons! They are not too sharp on the mouth and yet, they get the job done. I use these as much as my regular spoons," one reviewer commented. This set is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe; it also comes in a two-pack of serrated spoons if you like their utility but don’t want a bunch taking up space in your cutlery drawer.


Also Nice: A Set Of Fluted Fruit Bowls That Are Just The Right Size

Grapefruit technically comes in its own container, but you need to eat them on something. You’ll be chasing each half all over the place if you use a plate, and soup bowls are often too big to hold them snugly. These lead-free porcelain fruit bowls are just big enough at six inches across with a scant three-inch depth to handle larger grapefruit, and are nicely sized for snacks and dessert, too. They’re safe for use in the dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer, and available in whimsical turquoise or pink hues. Although the four-piece set doesn’t offer a white option, you can score a set of six bowls in white, or spring for the dreamy blue ombré. "They are the perfect size, color and usefulness," one shopper wrote. "I feel spoiled."